Pokemon GO has now been downloaded over 650 million times, according to new data shared by Niantic Labs CTO Phil Keslin. Speaking during Google Development Day, part of the Game Developers Conference, Keslin shared an assortment of interesting factoids. He also mentioned that trainers have walked approximately 5.4 billion miles, or, “just shy of Pluto,” from Earth. They’re part of his announcement that Pokemon GO will soon support the Apple Watch platform.

650 million downloads is an impressive feat, especially compared to the extremely impressive 15 million sales of Pokemon Sun and Moon since last November. Admittedly, folks who download an app likely aren’t as invested as those who bought a handheld game. Yet 650 million mobile gamers who largely probably never bought a Pokemon game before now knowing the brand is a staggering achievement.

It’s also important to maintain some perspective, however. Pokemon GO launched in July last year; Niantic announced it hit 500 million downloads just two months later, in early September. It has now been 6 months since the game hit 500 million, adding just 150 million more. 150 million downloads is nothing to be disappointed with, but the slowdown in downloads is absolutely notable. Pokemon GO went from 250 million downloads a month in its first two months, to 25 million downloads a month.

Pokemon Go Downloaded Over 650 Million Times - Pokemon Day

Sales aside, it’s still business as usual for Niantic Labs. The studio recently launched a major update adding more than 80 new Pokemon for trainers to capture in Pokemon GO. It led to Pokemon GO almost immediately jumping back into the number one position on Apple’s  Top Grossing chart. While it was only a temporary position, quickly overtaken by the usual suspects on the app store, it shows that Pokemon GO‘s got legs.

Phil Keslin, in between dropping interesting statistics at GDC, also made time to promise that Niantic remains hard at work. Pokemon GO players can continue to expect regular content updates for the foreseeable future. Happy Pokemon Day, everybody.