Pokemon GO: These Pokemon Are In 2km Eggs During Water Festival

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Pokemon GO's Water Festival 2018 is fully underway, which means players are out hunting down shiny monsters, collection extra stardust, and fighting Kyogre in Legendary Battle Raids. In addition to all of that excitement, the possible hatches from 2km eggs have also changed a bit during the event to make for some much more exciting 'Oh?' moments.

Niantic's press release about the water types showing up in 2km eggs was pretty vague and didn't offer a full list of which pokemon players might end up hatching. Luckily, the Pokemon GO community has come together and started to figure out exactly what the possibilities are.

This data is still being gathered, but according to confirmed reports from the first few days of the event; here is what can be found in 2km eggs during Water Festival 2018...

Pokemon hatching from 2km event eggs, which were already from 2km outside the event:

BarboachLuvdisc (shiny possible)Magikarp (shiny possible)RemoraidShellder (shiny possible)SphealWailmer (shiny possible)


Pokemon hatching from 2km event eggs, which were from 5km outside the event:

AzurillCarvanhaCorphishLotadKabuto (shiny possible)MantineMudkipOmanyte (shiny possible)SquirtleTotodileWingull

Pokemon hatching from 2km event eggs, which were 10km outside the event:


There are some pretty good possibilities here, though only a few that are very relevant to the current metagame. Despite that, many players will likely be happy with some of these hatches just for the extra candy and possibility of new Pokedex entries.

As additional hatches are confirmed, we'll update the list. Until then, good luck out there, trainers!

Pokemon GO is currently available in select regions on Android and iOS devices.

Source: Reddit

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