The equinox event is up and running in the world of Pokemon GO and players are currently busy racking up double stardust and trying to hatch as many 2km eggs as possible. Now that the event bug involving the stardust problem has apparently been fixed, players can start concentrating on loading up on special pokemon from the fall event’s 2km eggs.

The initial press release for the fall event explained that special 2km eggs would offer a chance to hatch Mareep,¬†Chansey, Larvitar, and more. Thanks to some player gathered data, it appears we now have a better idea of what that “and more” encompasses for this Pokemon GO event.

Players have compiled data from The Silph Road and YouTube streams to come up with this guide for the limited time special 2km eggs…


There are a few disappointing inclusions, like sudowoodo taking up a rare slot, but most of these choices are very exciting. Chansey and Snorlax are great gym defenders in the very rare spot and the other tiers each have at least a few exciting possibilities. Many players are still hunting down Miltank for the Pokedex, so this added chance to hatch one is an exciting opportunity.

The Pokemon GO community was definitely ready for a traditional event after a summer full of raiding, so the equinox event was well-timed. The tail end of the event will crossover with the next Legendary Battle Raid rotation, so players will likely be able to use that opportunity to take advantage of the event’s triple XP bonus for new Pokedex entries. There is only a two day crossover, so players who take a few tries to get the next legendary beast may miss out on that, unfortunately.

Good luck out there, trainers!

Pokemon GO is available now in select regions on Android and iOS devices.

Source: Reddit