Pokemon GO: More Than 1 Million UK Players Have Spent Money on the Game

pokemon go made a ridiculous amount of money last month

One study reveals that Pokemon GO is a huge success in the UK, with 6.1 million downloads and over 1 million of those users spending money on the game.

Pokemon GO took the United States by storm when it released, but its success hasn't been limited to just one location. According to a new study, Pokemon GO has been extraordinarily popular in the United Kingdom, too.

According to study group YouGov, Pokemon GO has been downloaded a whopping 6.1 million times in the UK since its release on July 14th. In addition, 5.3 million of those downloaders are still regularly playing the game. In addition, one million players have spent money on Pokemon GO, with at least 600,000 of them spending between $1.03 and $19.36 on microtransactions. Some players are clearly passionate about the game, with at least 7,000 users spending nearly $100 on the game's microtransactions. This means that the UK has been contributing heavily to Pokemon GO's $200 million in earnings worldwide thus far.

Pokemon GO Revenue

Previous looks at the Pokemon GO U.S. fanbase have seen a major decline in users since the three-step bug in the Pokemon tracker began. Presuably, many gamers were irritated when the function became broken, as it made finding Pokemon in the nearby area far more difficult. However, UK Pokemon GO users received the game the same day that the tracker had the footprints removed, so chances are they aren't experiencing the same feeling of bait-and-switch that early US players felt.

Of course, that doesn't mean that Pokemon GO will hold onto its popularity forever. Considering that the game has only just passed the four week mark in the UK, it's possible that the number of users playing could gradually begin to decline. However, Pokemon GO is still effectively in its infancy at this point, with major functionality like trading and player-on-player battles yet to come. Even if the popularity of the game begins to falter in the UK and beyond, it's highly likely that it will experience a major bounce back once those features are added to the game.

Pokemon GO has had a significant impact on the world thus far, and it certainly isn't limited to one area. The story that a Japanese Olympian spent $5,000 in mobile data in order to play the game says plenty - if even Olympians who spend nearly all of their time training in their athletic art are desperate to catch 'em all, chances are that Pokemon GO is experiencing success in every area it's been released in so far.

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Pokemon GO is available now in select areas for Android and iOS devices.

Source: YouGo

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