Pokemon Global Link Finally Launches Tomorrow

Pokemon Global Link North American Release Date

Pokemon Black and White versions launched over a month ago on March 6th, and while avid fans of the Pokemon franchise have likely completed the main story and captured a majority of the games' new monsters, there is still one feature that fans have yet to be able to enjoy. As many will recall, the Pokemon Global Link feature was originally supposed to launch at the end of last month, but the update was delayed as a result of  the horrible disaster that recently occurred in Japan.

It seems that those who own Pokemon Black or White won't be waiting much longer for the Pokemon Global Link to become available, however, as Nintendo has recently updated the official site with a release date. Everyone can rest assured that the Global Link will officially become available for North American use on April 13th. This date had been posted on the site a few days prior to this announcement, but apparently the announcement was thought by Nintendo to be a little premature and as a result was was quickly taken down.

The Pokemon Global Link will add the ability for players to battle and then check their global ranking online. There will also be tournaments held that trainers can enter and attempt to win against people from all over the world. Another feature is the new Dream World ability that allows Pokemon that have been captured in Black or White to be transferred over to the official Pokemon Global Link website. While in Dream World, the Pokemon can interact with other trainers, grow berries, and even befriend Pokemon that can then be transferred to your copy of the game.

The first rare Pokemon that players have the opportunity to obtain through the new Pokemon Global Link is one of the evolved forms of Eevee. A mini-game resembling the classic game Brick Breaker recently released on the official Pokemon website, and it allows players who are able to complete to transfer the Pokemon to their game.

The wait to finally get your hands on a rare Pokemon is less than 24 hours away, so you better be ready to catch/battle 'em all on April 13th.


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