Pokemon Generations: Two New Episodes Available Now


Two new episodes of Pokemon Generations are out now - featuring an epic battle between Mega Rayquaza and Deoxys, as well as a haunting encounter in Eterna Forest.

It's that Pokemon time of week again, and this time Nintendo have chosen to release two new episodes of Pokemon Generations for our viewing pleasure. The first sheds some light on the epic battle between Rayquaza and Deoxys, while the second gives us a chilling look at the Old Chateau in Eterna Forest - just in time for Halloween.

Episode 9 of the series of bite-sized episodes shows off a segment of Alpha Sappire and Omega Ruby's Delta Episode end-game content. Seen from the perspective of reporter Gabby, we witness protagonist Brendan riding the legendary Mega Rayquaza into space, in order to destroy the meteor that is hurtling towards earth. Once it is destroyed however, the DNA Pokemon Deoxys slowly forms and begins an epic battle over one of Earth's satellites. It's a battle on a grand scale which made for a great addition in the third generation remakes, and plays out very well on screen too.



Episode 10 of Pokemon Generations, The Old Chateau, plays out very differently to the other instalments in the series that we've seen so far. It gives us our very first look into the Sinnoh region, where Pokemon Diamond and Pearl took place, but it's significantly more unsettling than previous episodes. In this chapter, we appear to see what would have happened, had the protagonist not escorted Cheryl safely through Eterna Forest.

As it grows dark, Cheryl and her Chansey take shelter in the Old Chateau, known for being haunted by all citizens of Eterna City. Once inside, the trainer has a range of scare-filled encounters, culminating in one final meeting with the ghost of a little girl that haunts the mansion. It's unclear what exactly becomes of Cheryl but previous episodes have not avoided the topic of death, so it's entirely possible that this Halloween episode is a lot more creepier than the lengths Pokemon usually goes to.

For those who haven't seen the series before, Pokemon Generations is a weekly series of five-minute episodes which release on YouTube and aim to give us an insight into the Pokemon universe from perspectives other than the player character's. The episodes are set to run for almost another two months, so there's still plenty of time for more classic Pokemon moments to be explored, such as Blue's battle against the Elite Four.

The first ten episodes of Pokemon Generations are available to watch on YouTube right now, with the remaining episodes to be posted every week until December 23, 2016.

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