After several fantastic weeks of running, Pokemon Generations has finally reached its conclusion, finishing with the story of the ancient king AZ and his Floette.

It’s the end of the road for weekly series Pokemon Generations, which released its final episode yesterday for free on YouTube. The eighteenth episode of Nintendo’s popular animated show is entitled ‘The Redemption’ and features legendary king AZ and his search for Floette.

Those who have played the sixth generation of Pokemon titles will be well familiar with the story of AZ, something that this episode of Generations shows us in beautifully drawn detail. AZ’s tale is told through a flashback sequence after the giant traveller turns up at the end of protagonist Calem’s challenging of the Pokemon League.

The flashback tells the tragic story of a great war raging between two powerful sides, each using Pokemon to fight against one another. At the time, the man known as AZ was the king of Kalos and, after experiencing terrible loss, he built a device capable of reviving his beloved Pokemon Floette from the dead. Exposed to the power of the machine, AZ became immortal, living for over 3000 years until the events of Pokemon X and Y took place.

But with a great rage built up inside him, AZ turned the machine into a weapon capable of ending the war, an act that is central to the plot of the sixth generation of games, as well as being so severe that it caused his treasured Floette to leave him. Until the events of ‘The Redemption’, the ancient giant had been travelling the world, searching for that which was most precious to him.

In case you missed all seventeen previous episodes, Pokemon Generations was a series of bite-sized clips described by Nintendo as an attempt to shed new light on timeless moments from throughout the Pokemon franchise. Over the last few weeks, fans have seen epic moments such as Blue’s battle with the Pokemon League from the original Pokemon Red and Blue, Mega Rayquaza fighting Deoxys outside the Earth’s atmosphere, and N facing off against Ghetsis in an epic battle of the dragons.

It’s been a journey filled with nostalgia and new insight into the events of the Pokemon world that the games’ protagonists haven’t always been around for. Die hard fans are likely not alone in hoping that Nintendo takes note of Pokemon Generations‘ success when it comes to creating future series, especially since the episodes have each been incredibly well animated over the last few months.

All eighteen episodes of Pokemon Generations are now available to watch for free on YouTube.

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