Pokemon Generations Episode Features N Vs Ghetsis


Pokemon Generations continues with one final look at the Unova region, showing off the fierce battle between fan-favorite trainer N and the villainous Ghetsis.

In what is most likely the last episode set in the Unova region, we finally have a Pokemon Generations episode dedicated to fan-favorite character N, and his intense battle against his father Ghetsis.

His plans to use Kyurem to freeze the Unova region foiled, Ghetsis encounters N for the final time as the two face off with their legendary Dragon-Type Pokemon. Using DNA splicers, the leader of the new Team Plasma is able to use the destructive ice-dragon Kyurem to harness the power of N's Reshiram, reverting the beast back into its stone form before fusing with it to create White Kyurem.


Expressing his disappointment in his son's passion for harmony in the Unova region, Ghetsis then turns the powerful beast on N directly, only to come up against the might of Reshiram's Electric-Type counterpart, Zekrom. This battle will be all too familiar to those fans who played Pokemon White 2, having witnessed it for themselves in-game. We get a glimpse of the game's protagonist arriving on the scene too though, as with previous entries in the series, we can't get a clear look at his face.

For those unfamiliar with Pokemon Generations, the series is a weekly, episodic show that airs for free on YouTube. The clips are only bite-sized, often ranging around the five-minute mark, but feature never-before-seen material that we didn't get the chance to experience in our many Pokemon adventures. The series' intent is to give fans a closer look at the world of Pokemon from a range of outside perspectives.

Pokemon Generations has so far set aside three episodes for each of the Pokemon games' regions, meaning that the latest episode "The King Returns" will probably be the last time we'll see Unova. After that, the show will move on to the setting of Pokemon X and Y, namely the France-based Kalos region.

In other recent Pokemon news, the most recent additions to the franchise, Pokemon Sun and Moon, are performing extremely well. The games, which are now finally available worldwide, have sold a staggering amount of copies in the short time that they have been available. The pair have reportedly outsold the previous iterations in the franchise by almost eighty-five percent.

Unsurprisingly, the two games have also become the fastest selling Nintendo titles in the UK, despite citizens in Europe getting the titles a fair amount later than the rest of the world. It seems when it comes to Pokemon, the franchise is worth waiting for.

The first fifteen episodes of Pokemon Generations are available to watch on YouTube right now, with the remaining episodes to be posted every week until December 23, 2016.

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