The Kalos region has finally arrived on our screens with the latest episode of Pokemon Generations, in an episode featuring the villainous and charismatic Lysandre.

As we enter the final weeks of runtime for Nintendo’s weekly show, Pokemon Generationsit’s time to enter the Kalos region, home to the beauty-seeking Lysandre.

This episode of Pokemon Generations features the founder of Lysandre Labs as he performs on-stage besides his trusty Pyroar. Just as the passionate inventor looks to be swallowed up in a fiery blaze, Lysandre reveals that it was a hologram on stage the whole time and that the act was merely a demonstration of his company’s newest creation: the Holo Caster.

It is only later, once away from the crowds, that Lysandre’s true personality shines through, as he remarks that his actions assisting the people and Pokemon of Kalos is simply to preserve the natural beauty of Kalos – at any cost necessary. The antagonist of Pokemon X and Y, Lysandre seeks the power to destroy the Kalos region itself, rather than have its beauty be reduced in any way.

We also get our first glimpse at the mighty Dark/Flying-Type Yveltal which has incredibly potent powers of destruction, as Lysandre begins his top-secret project to use its strength for himself. It’s likely not the only time that Yveltal or its life-giving counterpart Xerneas will make an appearance in the show as there are still a couple of episodes due to be set in the Kalos region during the series.

For those who have somehow gone months without hearing about Nintendo’s latest and greatest new series, Pokemon Generations is a weekly series set in the Pokemon universe featuring fresh animation and a whole new look at the stories of the classic games. The series aims to show Pokemon fans the behind-the-scenes adventures of their favorite games that the various protagonist characters weren’t present for.

For instance, last week’s episode featured popular antagonist N from Pokemon Black and White facing off against Kyurem in an epic battle that takes place just before the player arrives on the scene. It’s a story we’re already familiar with, but it’s satisfying to finally see the events animated and playing out in front of us.

The series is set to end as we near the Christmas break, meaning that any hopes of seeing footage of the Alola region and the newly-released Pokemon Sun and Moon is fading fast, especially since previous experience leads us to believe that there are three episodes per Pokemon region, but maybe Nintendo will be generous to give us a small glimpse into the events of the new games as we approach the series’ final weeks.

The first sixteen episodes of Pokemon Generations are available to watch on YouTube right now, with the remaining episodes to be posted every week until December 23, 2016.

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