Newest Pokemon Generations Episode Features Primal Groudon


The seventh episode of Pokemon Generations features the villainous Team Magma and the disastrous consequences of their plan to awaken the mythical Pokemon Groudon.

The newest episode of Pokemon Generations is out and it gives us our first look into the Hoenn region, as well as showing off footage of the mythical Pokemon Groudon in its Primal form.

Episode seven of the new series by The Pokemon Company is entitled 'The Vision' and features a raid on Team Magma's hideout in Lilycove City by male Pokemon Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby protagonist Brendan.


This is our first glimpse of Brendan in the series so far but, like previous episodes, the show focuses more on the background characters and plot than content that we've played in the past. The team Magma leader Maxie gathers together his grunts, ready to escape in the modified submarine, capable of breaking through the seal to the Seafloor Cavern where Groudon lies dormant.

After being asked to remain and ensure that the intruder cannot follow the evil organization any further, Admin Courtney envisions Team Magma's perfect world. However, in her vision, Groudon has achieved its Primal form and is causing havoc to its environment, even going as far as to attack the group of Team Magma members and Leader Maxie.

Before she has time to dwell on the bizarre nature of what she saw, Courtney is confronted by Brendan and his Sceptile. Getting excited to 'analyze' the trainer, the Magma Admin engages him in battle with her Camerupt.

For those who aren't caught up with the new series of bite-sized episodes, all seven short clips are available for free on YouTube. The series aims to shed new light on the classic Pokemon series by showing viewers some background that takes place from other perspectives in the Pokemon universe. Recently we saw Blue's battle with the Elite 4, allowing us a glimpse of what came before the player arrived at the Pokemon League for themselves.

The series is released weekly and is set to run all the way until December 23, meaning that it's entirely possible that we'll get to see some episodes taking place in the new Alola region, given that Pokemon Sun and Moon are scheduled to launch next month. Next week's episode will likely either take place in Hoenn again, or give us a look at the Sinnoh region that was first introduced in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, given that so far the series appears to be chronological.

The first seven episodes of Pokemon Generations are available to watch on YouTube right now, with the remaining episodes to be posted every week until December 23, 2016.

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