Pokemon Generations Episode Features Gym Leaders Vs Team Plasma


Episode thirteen of Pokemon Generations is out now, showing an epic battle between the gym leaders of the Unova region and the incredible might of Team Plasma.

The newest episode of Pokemon Generations is out, giving us our first look at the Unova region and the plans of the villainous Team Plasma.

The latest bite-sized episode of the new Pokemon mini-series features Team Plasma's plans to take over the Pokemon League and the rest of the Unova region for their own gain. Summoning N's Castle from the depths of the Earth, Team Plasma are confronted by gym leader Iris and her Druddigon.

As strong a trainer as Iris is, she's no match for the legion of Plasma grunts that are sent out against her. Before any harm comes to the master Dragon trainer, however, the seven remaining gym leaders appear, coming together to battle the threat in a way that only the strongest trainers in the Unova region can.

It's an impressive array of fighters, each with their own style and Pokemon to match. Brycen the Ice-Type gym leader even gets sucked into the battle himself, fighting hand-to-hand with the approaching army. Unfortunately, fan-favorite character N doesn't make an appearance, though it's likely that he'll be seen in the next two episodes which are due to remain in Unova.


For those who haven't seen the series of mini-episodes before, Pokemon Generations is a weekly show that airs for free on YouTube. The series aims to give Pokemon fans everywhere, a closer look at some of the events featured in the long-running franchise's games. In some episodes, such as The Lake of Rage, the player character makes a brief appearance, though mostly the show gives us a look at parts of the games that we didn't get to see in our many playthroughs over the years.

The series is due to run until late December, meaning that we've still got a few weeks of Pokemon goodness ahead of us yet. With some weeks being host to multiple episodes of the show, it's entirely possible that we'll get a look at some of the events of the recently-released Pokemon Sun and Moon before the series concludes.

In other Pokemon news, today's release may have European gamers waiting impatiently for their own launch date, but for those who are still on the fence about whether or not to pick up the latest in the iconic franchise, we've put together a Pokemon Sun and Moon review to help you decide.

The first thirteen episodes of Pokemon Generations are available to watch on YouTube right now, with the remaining episodes to be posted every week until December 23, 2016.

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