Pokemon Generations Episode Features Heatran


The latest episode of Pokemon Generations is out now, featuring the legendary Pokemon Heatran and Team Galactic's malicious plans for the Sinnoh region.

The newest episode of everyone's favorite new Pokemon series is here as Nintendo releases the twelfth episode of Pokemon Generations: 'The Magma Stone'.

The latest Generations episode features Team Galactic as they once again attempt to control the actions of a legendary Pokemon for their own ideals. This time, it's the Steel/Fire-Type Heatran that they're after and it's up to Sinnoh's own Buck to stop them in their tracks.


Once the Magma Stone has been removed from its pedestal, Heatran begins rampaging, with Team Galactic hoping that the power of the legendary creature is enough to scorch the entire Sinnoh region without being stopped. However, Buck and his trusty Claydol have a workaround that might just make viewers question why the Psychic-Type didn't simply use its powers to return the stone from a safe distance.

Buck isn't the only hero along for the ride however, and fan-favorite Looker returns once again to Pokemon Generations, this time to mop up the remnants of Team Galactic. The detective's trusty Croagunk appears alongside him, displaying some impressive attacks that help us see why the Pokemon truly deserves its new spot on the roster of Pokken Tournament.

This is likely the final episode that we'll see that takes place in the Sinnoh region, meaning that any fans who were looking forward to seeing the God Pokemon Arceus are in for a disappointment. The next three episodes are probably set to take place in the Unova region where the Black and White games were set.

For those just now discovering the series, Pokemon Generations consists of weekly, bite-sized episodes that aim to give Pokemon fans a little insight into what goes on outside of the main storyline in the long-running series of games. The first twelve episodes are now available on YouTube for free, including a chilling Halloween episode that released for the seasonal event late last month.

The episodes are set to run until late December, which means that there's plenty of time for your favorite Pokemon stories to be retold in a fresh, animated format. What's more, with the release of Pokemon Sun and Moon coming in just a week's time, it's likely that we might even see the first animated clip of the new Alola region coming to the final episodes of the series.

The first twelve episodes of Pokemon Generations are available to watch on YouTube right now, with the remaining episodes to be posted every week until December 23, 2016.

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