Pokemon Generations Episode Features Red Gyarados


Episode four of the new Pokemon Generations series is now available, showing off the Johto region and the Lake of Rage's curiously angry Red Gyarados.

The new episode of Pokemon Generations is out at last, giving us our first look at the Johto region and the mysterious Red Gyarados.

The latest Pokemon short takes place in a Team Rocket hideout, where Dragon-Type trainer Lance of the Elite Four takes on the evil organization, in order to discover the source of a radio wave that has caused a Gyarados to become agitated. Those who have played the second generation of Pokemon games will recognize the creature as a shiny Red Gyarados that can be caught or defeated in Pokemon Gold, Silver, or Crystal at the Lake of Rage.

After battling the enraged creature for themselves, Lance and his signature Dragonite storm Team Rocket's headquarters, defeating the guards easily and discovering that the signal was coming from a machine powered by trapped Electrodes. Of course, the Elite Four member isn't the only intruder who has made their way into the base, and we get a brief glimpse of the male protagonist Ethan with his face mostly obscured.


It seems that unlike in Pokemon Origins, Generations seems to be hiding the player character from our view as much as possible, something that is probably due to the series of shorts attempting to shed new light on timeless moments in the Pokemon universe, not revisit old ground. Last week's episode also featured Lance, and his battle with Blue in the Pokemon League, something that we've never before been able to witness.

Pokemon Generations releases a new bite-sized episode every week, and will continue on until December 23. The shorts are just under 5 minutes in length and will explore the background of the Pokemon games, visiting every region from Kanto to Kalos, though there's no word yet on whether or not the series will show us our first animated clip of the Alola region that will be visited in the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Moon.

For those who need to catch up, the first few Pokemon Generations episodes are already available, with Lance's adventure with the Red Gyarados acting as our fourth installment into the new weekly series. Presumably, the series will release in chronological order, meaning that the next episode will likely be another second generation story.

The fight against Red on Mt. Silver would certainly make for an interesting episode, though that would mean that the series would be focusing on the protagonist characters more than it has previously.

The first four episodes of Pokemon Generations are available to watch on YouTube right now, with the remaining episodes to be posted every week until December 23, 2016.

Source: YouTube

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