New Pokemon Generations Episode Features Kyurem


The latest episode of Pokemon Generations is here, featuring Team Plasma's plot to harness the power of legendary beast Kyurem for their own purposes.

It's that Pokemon time of the week again, and Nintendo have released episode fourteen of their popular animated series, Pokemon Generations.

This episode features content from the Unova region, present in Pokemon Black and White as well as the follow up titles Black 2 and White 2. As was the case in last week's episode, the short clip once again contains the villainous Team Plasma, this time focusing on the antagonists' plot to attack Opelucid City using the power of the legendary Ice/Dragon Pokemon Kyurem.


Team Plasma aren't without opposition in their plans however, and gym leader Drayden returns to the series with his trusty Haxorus to put an end to their plot. But the might of the legendary trainer alone may not be enough to bring the team to its knees.

It's an episode with incredibly impressive visuals that makes us wish that Nintendo would sign off on a full-length anime version of Pokemon Generations, especially since episode 14 touches on the more serious consequences of the Pokemon world. Unlike in the long-running Pokemon anime series, Generations features a more powerful team of villains, capable of some serious destruction.

In case you've somehow missed it so far, Pokemon Generations is a weekly series created by The Pokemon Company, which aims to give fans a little more insight into the events of the Pokemon games from the perspective of the other people who inhabit the world's various regions. The protagonists of the games are also present in some episodes, though they are often a background character with their faces mostly obscured.

Each episode is around five minutes in length and the series is set to run for just a few more weeks until late December. Since there's usually three episodes per generation of Pokemon, next week will likely be the final footage we see of the Unova region as we get ready to see what Kalos has to offer. Surprisingly, we're still yet to see fan-favorite antagonist N in the Unova episodes, so perhaps he will finally appear in episode fifteen next week.

Now that Pokemon Sun and Moon have finally released worldwide, and the new anime series has begun, it wouldn't be surprising if Nintendo decided to set an episode in the new Alola region in order to gather more interest to the series. So far the new games are performing exceptionally well, topping the sales charts at GameStop this week.

The first fourteen episodes of Pokemon Generations are available to watch on YouTube right now, with the remaining episodes to be posted every week until December 23, 2016.

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