Pokemon Generations: First Two Episodes Are Now Available

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The new internet-based Pokemon animated series, Pokemon Generations, recently posted its first two episodes on YouTube today and is available to everyone.

Just days after the series was announced, Pokemon Generations has landed on YouTube and has already released two episodes. For those out of the loop, this is a Pokemon animated series created strictly for the web and is separate from the long-running series that has been airing on television since the 90s. It is also not to be confused with Pokemon Originsthe four episode Japanese television series from a while back, although they share many similarities; the biggest being its tone, and focus on events from the video games as source material.

Pokemon Generations will follow familiar plots, characters and situations found in the Pokemon video games series beginning with the first generation of games and going all the way to the sixth, and most current, generation. The seventh generationPokemon Sun and Moon, has yet to be released and its a safe bet Nintendo, Game Freak, and The Pokemon Company are hoping this new series will help drive some sales. These bite-sized webisodes run around 3-5 minutes long and a new episode will be posted every week until December 23, 2016.


The first episode titled "The Adventure" sets the tone for the series and is an excellent preview of what to expect. It show opens the same way the first game did, on a Game Boy. In fact, the first couple of seconds can really throw someone, who might think that they've stumbled onto a "Let's Play" video. Eventually it transitions into a more colorful, vibrant animated world and takes viewers on a journey that spans from the Kanto region and to Kalos; all six generations in quick succession. Fans will recognize more than a few of the events and Pokemon in the episode, which will play on a gamer's nostalgic senses in a positive way.

The second episode "The Chase" focuses on a police raiding party attempting to take down the leader of Team Rocket, Giovanni. It lacks the action of the first episode, instead taking a more serious tone and a more realistic approach to life in the Pokemon universe. Aside from some nods to the games, the series has been attempting to highlight a different side to the familiar stories fans know and love, and the second episode embodies this approach best. It's something different than many are used to and it spices things up. Anyone over the comedic antics of Ash Ketchum and lighthearted tone of the television series will relish this switch.

With Pokemon Sun and Moon coming in a couple months and Pokemon GO still chugging along, even releasing an accessory and announcing an Apple Watch companion app, the Pokemon brand has been killing it in 2016. Pokemon Generations is a fantastic way to relive great moments from the series, while ramping up anticipation for what's to come -- and the best part is it's completely free. The only downside is the show's resolution taps out at 360p and there's no option for high-definition on its YouTube page.

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