Pokémon: The 10 Freakiest Pokémon, Ranked

The world of Pokémon is known for having a real sense of wonder and exploration. Considering pokémon come in all shapes and sizes it shouldn't be surprising that there are more than a handful of creatures in this universe that strike fear into our hearts and freak us out! In nature, there are predators and prey and in many cases, and humans can sometimes find themselves the latter in the eyes of pokémon. Let's now take a look at and rank the 10 freakiest pokémon in existence.

10 Mimikyu

Mimikyu may be the perfect pokémon for Hot Topic merchandising, but that doesn't mean the little Pikachu wannabe is all fun and games. It's a spirit pokémon that has inhabited a weird Pikachu designed rag of some sort. No one living knows what it actually looks like and the one scholar who did was apparently so overwhelmed by fear that they died from shock. It has also been known to become extremely violent towards anyone trying to steal a glance at its real form.

9 Dusclops

Though Dusclops looks like a creature wrapped up like a mummy, it turns out the inside of its body is completely hollow. Not only is it empty, but it also has the properties of a black hole. This means that any and everything that comes to close has a chance of being absorbed into the pit of nothingness. It is also said that anything that has ever gone into a Dusclops' black hole has never come out. What if you pop out on the other side in a different Pokémon dimension?

8 Sizzlipede

When asked what would be the worst way to die, a good number of people will say that burning alive sounds like the worst way to go. If this happens to be you, then your next stroll through the Galar region should have you as far away from Sizzlipede as humanly possible. It is said that these guys wrap up their prey with their body, and use the heat radiating off of them to cook their prey alive. Once the creature's meat is cooked to the Sizzlipede's liking it begins consuming it.

7 Honedge

Honedge is a really cool sword that also happens to be a living breathing creature. Most kids would assume that in order to build a bond with one you must wield it like a traditional weapon. It turns out that doing this won't just result in an awkward interaction, but it could be life-threatening. It is said that if someone tries to grab the hilt of a Honedge it will use its blue cloth to entangle the victim's arm and will proceed with completely draining them of their own life energy.

6 Drowzee

Often times the base level for a line of pokémon evolutions is cute, but as it grows stronger it becomes more intimidating, beautiful, or weird. For Drowzee it happens to be just as creepy as the Hypno it can evolve into.

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Though it's known to eat the dreams of any and everyone, it is said that Drowzee very rarely goes for the dreams of adults as they prefer the dreams of children. This is due to the assumption that those dreams are tastier because of children's imagination and optimism.

5 Drifloon

Considering that almost all trainers start their journeys at the ripe old age of 10, it's terrifying that there are pokémon that specifically prey on unsuspecting children. In multiple pokédex entries, it is mentioned that children often mistake them for real balloons, and because of this they often disappear as a result of holding on to them. It's unclear whether they're kidnapped, or if the Drifloon float away with the wind and the innocent children are stuck going along for the ride.

4 Gengar

For years fans of Gengar have pleaded that though it looks creepy, it's simply misunderstood. Well, after a simple bit of research it turns out it's just as much of a creep as it seems. For years it was believed that it simply took life energy from humans via their shadows. A pokédex entry in Pokémon Moon clarifies that it yearns for a partner to travel with, and because it was once human, tries to accomplish this by taking the lives of other humans in hopes of creating a traveling companion.

3 Gorebyss

One quick glance at Gorebyss will have you assuming it's a sweet and beautiful deep-sea creature but its name should be all the information you need to be more than cautious. It may look majestic, but Pokémon Sapphire was focused on making sure trainers new how dangerous it was.

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According to that pokédex entry, Gorebyss will inject its tiny mouth into the body of whatever prey it comes across and drain the living creature of its internal body fluids. How is that not utterly terrifying?

2 Hypno

The thing with Hypno is that without knowing anything about it, it already makes a case as one of the freakiest pokémon simply because of its design. Once you learn that it hypnotizes humans and consumes their dreams as a meal it immediately shoots up the list. In the FireRed pokédex entry, it goes as far as to say there was an incident where Hypno supposedly kidnapped a child after it had hypnotized it and eaten its dreams. Kids are never safe in Pokemon-occupied territory.

1 Lampent

On the surface, one will assume that Lampent happens to be a pokémon that resembles a lamp and happens to be a ghost-type. Well, it turns out that it being a ghost is pretty spot on considering the pretty morbid habits it has. According to its pokédex entry in Generation VI, it absorbs spirits to fuel its fire and does so by sitting around at hospitals waiting for people to die. Imagine passing on and waiting to enter the afterlife only to be consumed by some dumb lamp-inspired pokémon.

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