Pokemon Fire Red and Leaf Green are some of the favorites in the series for many, bringing the original versions of the Pokemon games up to date through a re-release on the Game Boy Advance. Since then, many players have been calling for another update to the titles, and although there’s no official plans from Nintendo or The Pokemon Company just yet, at least the community itself has been able to respond.

Quite simply, there’s an extremely exciting fan-made creation in the works. Called Pokemon Origin, this 3D reworking totally revamps the look of Fire Red, and is primarily the work of Felipe Gouvea. All in all, it’s a stunning look at what could be, should a 3D re-imagining of Pokemon Fire Red ever appear.

What’s more, this Pokemon Fire Red 3D remake is also available as a demo right now. Below is a video of this build of the project in action, and download links to the demo version can be found within. It’s certainly worth checking out while waiting for more news on the Pokemon Nintendo Switch project.

Fans have been clamoring for a full 3D Pokemon game for some time, and given that there’s been little movement in this regard from Game Freak (although players will be leaving Alola in Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon) it’s understandable that the Pokemon community itself has decided to step up to the plate. Pokemon Origin¬†is definitely looking the part, even though it’s almost entirely the work of one person.

Of course, at the moment it’s not the finished product, and so fans might see the odd bugs here and there or the occasional bit of ropey animation. Hopefully, though, a full English language version of the demo will be on the cards at some point, and should work continue at a steady pace it hopefully won’t be long before Pokemon fans have something special on their hands.

That said, Nintendo’s history with fan-made projects might make completion of this project difficult. In the past, other community-led games such as Pokemon Uranium have been shut down very quickly by the company. Hopefully, Pokemon Origin will be able to continue its development, at least until¬†Felipe Gouvea is able to reach a good place with it.

The Pokemon Origin demo is out now for PC.

Source: YouTube

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