Pokémon: Ranking The 10 Most Intimidating Fighting Pokémon

The entire culture and world of Pokémon are focused on building partnerships with the creatures and battling against one another to prove how good of a trainer you are. It would make sense then that the Pokémon most natural and comfortable with fighting would have an advantage.

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Outside of having combat come naturally, fighting-types also tend to be the fiercest looking Pokémon in their final evolutionary forms. Let's look at the 10 most intimidating fighting-type Pokémon out there and rank them from worst to first.

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10 Poliwrath

Considering most Pokémon are based on real-world creatures you'd assume that their evolutions would follow along. That isn't the case with the tadpole Pokémon Poliwag who, instead of evolving into a frog, it turns into a tadpole with extremities ready to punch someone out cold. Poliwrath has a very stout body with some giant fists and often sports a look of quiet anger. The fact that it doesn't resemble anything from the natural world and is instead a unique design makes it even more intimidating.

9 Kommo-O

Imagine being such a confident fighter and presence that you warn oncoming threats simply because you have no desire to battle weak opponents. Kommo-O is the centerpiece of a legendary tale that states the Pokémon is covered in sparkly scales to help it drive back a darkness of sorts. It's an aggressive Pokémon by nature as it seeks out battles with worthy foes to gain the power and experience needed to drive away from this darkness. Kommo-O are also said to celebrate the victories of their comrades.

8 Chesnaught

It seems that Chesnaught is the grass-type starters finally getting their equivalent of Blastoise from the Kanto region. Chesnaught is covered in some intimidating armor that showcases just how dangerous it can be challenging it to a fight. The armor encasing its body is said to be powerful enough to withstand the blast from a bomb. On top of being able to protect itself, the armor also allows it to put more force into its moves as a tackle from Chesnaught is said to contain enough force to flip a tank weighing over 50-tons.

7 Lucario

The moment trainers realize that Lucario is capable of understanding human speech it immediately flips the power dynamic. In the same breath, a trainer who develops a strong bond with one can have a real advantage in battle as moment to moment communication can be crystal clear. Though it's a capable physical fighter, it's most dangerous moves are auras it manifests by concentrating it's mental energy and firing it at opponents. It can also read the feelings of any living being in a half-mile radius.

6 Blaziken

Considering almost every generation's fire starter evolves into a fire/fighting dual-type, it was a bit difficult trying to decide which one made the list. When looking at Blaziken it is clearer the most visually intimidating and seems to have a real fighting spirit about itself.

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Not only can this powerful beast launch itself and clear a 30-story building due to its powerful legs, but it can also disperse flames from its wrists that it uses to envelop its own hands. Doing this allows it to deliver blows full of heat and energy that leave its foe scorched.

5 Terrakion

Terrakion in many ways is designed as if the prompt was to make the Dark Knight Returns version of Tauros from Pokémon Red & Blue. Fans of Batman will understand that comparison, and for those who don't simply Google it. Terrakion weighs over 550 lbs. and used that weight, according to legendary tales, to break through a giant castle wall. It is known as being a great protector of Pokémon and will often come to the aide of Pokémon in need. It may be an introverted cavern dweller, but it's far from self-centered.

4 Machamp

Since Machamp has four arms it can often be seen as the primary employee of moving companies in and around the Kanto region. People forget that the creature is a very capable fighter as well who's multiple arms give it a big point of advantage during a battle. It's most lauded ability is that it can launch over 1,000 punches in just two seconds. This means that each arm is punching an astounding 250 times per second. On top of this already impressive feat, it is suggested that Machamps also have a mastery of most martial arts.

3 Pangoro

Pandas are often seen as docile and gentle creatures who simply enjoy relaxing and enjoying life. Pangoro in many ways isn't true to that expected nature of pandas but its empathy towards the weak is unwavering. It will never forgive anyone or anything that picks on the weak.

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It's a naturally violent creature, but its aggression isn't aimless or random. The leaf it carries in its mouth is used to sense the movements of its enemy and isn't simply an afternoon snack it's enjoying.

2 Primeape

Have you ever looked at somebody and automatically knew that they had anger issues? Primeape is that but in monkey-based Pokémon form. Its design is a ball of fur with angry eyes and some fists ready to box whoever is willing to fight. As Primeape becomes angrier its blood circulation improves and it actually becomes stronger, but this is unfortunately at the loss of its intelligence. It is also famous for holding a grudge even if it destroys the Pokémon that made it angry. It will never forgive it.

1 Buzzwole

Now, this is kind of unfair and honestly there's a case to be made that Buzzwole shouldn't have even been considered. Just looking at it should give you all the explanation you need in terms of it landing at the top spot on this list. Buzzwole looks like if Larry the Lobster from Spongebob Squarepants took bodybuilding seriously for once. It happens to be an Ultra Beast which is a point of contention among the Pokémon community. Buzzwole isn't the swollen Pokémon we want, but it's the one we need.

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