Gengar Joins the Roster of ‘Pokemon’ Fighting Game

By | 2 years ago 

When it comes to Nintendo-based fighting games, there’s very little in the way that prevents Super Smash Bros. from scoring a top spot in the hearts of many gamers. The thought of seeing iconic gaming mascots do battle against one another is undeniably appealing, that much is certain, but many fans of the Pokemon franchise are often left without the ability to play as some of their favorite catchable monsters in-game as a result of the shared, multi-franchise roster space.

It’s for that very reason that Pokken Tournament has made such an impact following its reveal, and another beloved Pocket Monster has just been confirmed as a playable character in the title.

A recent stream hosted by NicoNico featured the Pokemon-fueled fighting game, and it was revealed during the broadcast that the ghostly Gengar will be joining the roster as a playable combatant. Of course, this latest addition will come loaded with a number of devastating attacks such as Shadow Ball, while the creature’s newly discovered Mega Evolution is set to be included as well.

The addition of the Pokemon on the roster came about after Pokken Tournament‘s producer, the legendary Katsuhiro Harada, took to Twitter to poll fans on which monster they’d like to see added to the game. Gengar took top honors in that poll – much to the delight of those who’ve adored the prolific Ghost-type since its debut – and now the collectible critter will be able to go toe-to-toe with several other iconic combatants from the series.

Pokken Tournament Suicune Pikachu Gardevoir

The last update gamers got about the current Japanese arcade-exclusive, Pokken Tournament, was that Gardevoir, Suicune, and Pikachu would all be joining as playable fighters. As of this writing, there are six confirmed characters for the upcoming fight title, which leaves ample room for further additions in the coming months. With no-brainer additions like Charizard or even the legendary Mewtwo (a character that recently added as Smash Bros. DLC) still nowhere to be found, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to determine just how large the pool of controllable beasts is going to be.

More importantly, gamers outside of Japan have been hoping for more news on the game’s localization efforts and seemingly inevitable Wii U port. Only time will tell what The Pokemon Company and Bandai Namco have planned for Pokken Tournament, but it’s safe to say that it has already captured the attention of many wannabe Pokemon Masters.

What do you think of Gengar’s addition to Pokken Tournament? What other Pokemon would you like to see added?

Source: Serebii