10 Pokémon With An Extremely Low Flee Rate

More commonly discovered and easily found Pokémon tend to have rather high flee rates. This means that these more common Pokémon are more likely to take off in the middle of a player's attempts to catch them if things do not go according to plan. This combined with their abundant nature makes these Pokémon rather annoying to deal with.

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But the more rare Pokémon are a different story entirely. Since it is far less likely that a player will find them in the wild, the more rare creatures have incredibly low flee rates in order to make it far more likely that a player will be able to catch them. Think of it as a bit of a reward for all of your hard work.

10 Rayquaza (1%)

The Rayquaza Pokémon is both a dragon and a flying type Pokémon. Being a dragon type means that he is weak to ice and fairy type attacks as well as other dragons. And being a flying type means that he is weak to rock based attacks. It is important to note that flying Pokémon are typically also weak to electricity but his dragon type cancels out this weakness.

The Rayquaza is over twenty feet tall and weighs in at well over three hundred pounds. He is not a creature to be trifled with. The Rayquaza has the ability to learn how to perform the move known as Air Lock. Air Lock makes him essentialy immune to weather based attacks.

9 Jirachi (1%)

The Jirachi Pokémon fall into two different type categories. She is both a steel type and a psychic type. This means that she is weak to fire, ground, ghost, and dark based attacks and opponents.

The Jirachi is a rather small Pokémon. She stands at barely one foot tall and weighs less than five pounds. She has the ability to learn the move known as Serene Grace. Serene Grace allows the Jirachi to boost the likelihood of her attacks leaving lingering effects on her opponents.

8 Deoxys (1%)

The Deoxys Pokémon is a psychic type Pokémon. This means that the Deoxys Pokémon is weak to bug, ghost, and dark based moves and opponents. She is roughly the size of an average American female as she stands at nearly five feet and seven inches and weighs around 134lbs.

The Deoxys can master the ability known as Pressure. This ability allows the Deoxys to lower the amount of times which an opponent can use a move against her.

7 Regice (1%)

The Regice Pokémon is an ice-type Pokémon (hence the name.) This means that the Pokémon is weak to fire, fighting, rock, and steel-based attacks and opponent types. The Regice is a rather formidable opponent as he stands at nearly six feet tall and weighs over three hundred pounds. Truly the tank that your team needs.

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The Regice has the ability to learn both the Clear Body and Ice Body moves. The Clear Body move allows him to protect his stats against enemy Pokémon. And the Ice Body move lets the Regice recover HP (in situations where he might be losing it without said ability) under certain conditions.

6 Groudon (1%)

As his name implies, the Groudon is a ground type Pokémon. Pokémon from this type are known to be weak to water, grass, and ice based attacks and opponent types. The Groudon is one of the larger Pokémon. Standing at nearly eleven feet tall and weighing in at 2100lbs, the Groudon is no joke and should be taken very seriously.

The Groudon has the ability to learn the move known as Drought. Drought is a move which allows a Pokémon to create a rather harsh sunlight effect that can boost both fire based moves and the Solar Beam power.

5 Zapdos (1%)

The Zapdos Pokémon is an electric type and a flying type Pokémon. The combination of these two types means that the Zapdos Pokémon is weak to rock and ice based attacks and enemies. The Zapdos a rather mid-size Pokémon, being a little over five feet tall and slightly over 100lbs in weight.

The Zapdos has the ability to learn the Pressure and Static moves. The Static move allows the Zapdos Pokémon to increase their chances of immobilizing opponents if they hit the Zapdos with an attack that has physical consequences.

4 Kyogre (1%)

The Kyogre Pokémon is a water type Pokémon which resembles an orca whale. This Pokémon is weak to both electric and grass type attacks (which makes sense when one considers the fact that it is a water type.)

As it is based on real-world whales, it goes without saying that these Pokémon tend to be rather large. The Kyogre Pokémon exists at nearly fifteen feet long and weighs close to eight hundred pounds in total. The Kyogre has the ability to use the Drizzle move. The Drizzle move allows the Pokémon to summon rain when going toe to toe with an opponent. This move has the added bonus of increasing the accuracy of the Thunder move and makes water type moves more effective in battle.

3 Moltres (1%)

The Moltres Pokémon falls into both the fire and flying type categories. The combination of these types, unfortunately, make him rather weak to rock, water, and electricity-based attacks.

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The Moltres Pokémon has the ability to master both the Pressure and the Flame Body moves. The Flame Body ability is a rather unique move that not only allows the Pokémon to burn any creature that comes into physical contact with them during battle but can also help certain eggs hatch more quickly.

2 Latios (1%)

The Latios Pokémon is both a dragon and a psychic type Pokémon. This means that this majestic creature has a rather long list of weaknesses. This list includes: ice, bug, ghost, dragon, dark, and fairy based attacks and type opponents.

The Latios is a rather large and slender creature; standing at nearly seven feet tall but weighing in at approximately 130lbs. The Latios Pokémon has the ability to learn the Levitate move. This is an incredibly useful move as it allows the Latios to simply avoid all ground based attacks by- you guessed it-levitating.

1 Articuno (1%)

The Articuno is both an ice and a flying type Pokémon. The combination of these two types means that the Articuno is weak to fire, rock, electric, and steel based attacks and opponents.

The Articuno has the ability to learn the Pressure move and the Snow Cloak move. The Snow Cloak move boosts the Articuno's cloaking ability (which makes him harder to hit) in certain battle based scenarios.

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