10 Pokémon Who Require A Stone To Evolve (Other Than Eevee)

It is not just Eevee that evolves with an evolution stone, but you probably already know that. Evolution stones have been around since Pokémon began with more and more Pokémon joining the ranks of those evolved by them with each passing generation. Instead of evolving by naturally leveling up, you have to find the right stone and use the item on the Pokémon. Depending on what game you are playing, it can actually be pretty hard to get the stone you need.

Here are ten Pokémon, other than Eevee, that use evolution stones to evolve.

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10 Jigglypuff - Moon Stone

In order to evolve into a Wigglytuff, Jigglypuff needs a Moon Stone. Since Jigglypuff is a first generation Pokémon, this stone and method of evolution have also always been around. Jiggilypuff is actually one of six Pokémon that use a Moon Stone to evolve. That's actually pretty little considering how many Pokémon there are now.

Also this should be considered if you ever have a Moon Ball in your possession. Those Pokéballs are for Pokémon like Jigglypuff, as they have a greater chance of capturing a Pokémon that evolves through a Moon Stone.

9 Gloom - Sun Stone And Leaf Stone

Gloom is another first generation Pokémon that uses a stone to evolve. It is special though, because it can use two different stones to evolve into two different Pokémon. With a Leaf Stone, it can evolved into Vileplume, and with a Sun Stone, it can evolve into Bellossom. So, in a way, Gloom is a little like Eevee in the fact that it can evolve into different Pokémon with different stones. Bellossom and the Sun Stone were not introduced until the second generation.

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8 Growlithe - Fire Stone

The first generation puppy Pokémon uses a Fire Stone to evolve into the pseudo-legendary Arcanine. Fire Stones, alone with Water and Leaf Stones, are the easiest to locate in most Pokémon games since they have been around the longest. Besides Growlithe, the stone also evolves Vulpix into Ninetails, Pansear into Simisear, and of course . . . Eevee into Flareon. That is actually not many Pokémon considering how long the stone has been in the games.

7 Lampent - Dusk Stone

This Ghost and Fire-Type Pokémon requires a Dusk Stone to get to its third and final evolution, Chandelure. The Dusk Stone was released in the fourth generation of Pokémon and is known as the evolutionary stone that can evolve some Dark and Ghost-Type Pokémon. It was not introduced until the Diamond and Pearl games came out.

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6 Minccino - Shiny Stone

This adorable chinchilla Normal-Type Pokémon uses a Shiny Stone to evolve into it's fluffy final form: Cinicco. Most trainers think of the Shiny Stone as the opposite of the Dusk Stone, since it was introduced in the fourth generation with it and appears to evolve Pokémon that are more associated with sunshine than ghosts. While the Shiny Stone came out in the fourth generation, Minccino did not come out until the fifth generation.

5 Munna - Moon Stone

A newer Pokémon that evolves from the old Moon Stone is Munna, the "Dream Eater Pokémon." Like Minccino, it is a fifth generation. It is a Psychic-Type and evolves into Musharna, the "Drowsing Pokémon." This stone can be pretty easy to remember since Munna and Musharna are associated with dreams, which are associated with night, which is then associated with the moon.

Since Munna was introduced in the Black and White games, it is good to know that you can find a Moon Stone at the Pinwheel Forest and Twist Mountain areas. Those are finite though. If you want more, you may have to catch wild Clefairys or Lunatones and hope they are holding a Moon Stone in their inventory.

4 Floette - Shiny Stone

Introduced in the X and Y games, Floette is a Pokémon that evolves into Florges with a Shiny Stone. Not a Leaf Stone or Sun Stone, like many trainers would expect since it is part Grass-Type. In the games Floette was introduced, a Shiny Stone can be found on Route 12. However, that's the only one. Another way to get one is through daily battles with Inver, who does the Inverse Battles, as a Shiny Stone is a possible reward that he gives you.

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3 Murkrow - Dusk Stone

Murkrow was introduced in the second generation and did not get an evolution until the fourth. The evolution that was introduced is Honchkrow and it was introduced along with the Dusk Stone. The stone needed to get Honchkrow is easy enough for trainers to remember, since crows are often associated with darkness.

The fourth generation games, Diamond and Pearl, have Dusk Stones the player can find on Victory Road or at the Galactic Warehouse. If you have the Platinum version, there is also a third one in the Wayward Cave. The only repeatable method to get more Dusk Stones is to use the ability: Pick-Up.

2 Skitty - Moon Stone

Trainers can easily forget this Skitty evolves with a Moon Stone. Skitty is known as the "kitten Pokémon" and evolves into Delcatty which is known as the "prim Pokémon." It was introduced in the third generation in the Ruby and Sapphire games. In those games, a Moon Stone can be found in Meteor Falls. Addditionally, a Lunatone can have a stone when you catch it, but that Pokémon is exclusive to Sapphire.

1 Togetic - Shiny Stone

While Togetic was introduced in the second generation of Pokémon, its final evolution was not introduced until the Diamond and Pearl games. It requires a Shiny Stone to evolve into the "jubilee Pokémon," Togekiss. In the games it was introduced, you could only find a Shiny Stone on Route 228 and Iron Island (unless you had the Platinum game, then you also get one on Route 210).

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