Pokemon Duel players can make sure they are always ready to win every battle by mastering these basic strategies before taking their squad onto the battle board.

Pokemon Duel may seem more like chess or checkers than a standard Pokemon game at first glance, but there is still plenty of classic Pokemon strategy needed to master the addictive mobile title. In order to complete all of the available levels in the game’s short campaign, players will need to master evolution strategy, board placement, team construction, and resource management. Pokemon Duel doesn’t always do the best job of teaching the importance of all of the strategies and techniques, but that’s what we’re here for.

The following tips will help ensure that players can achieve victories in all of the matches that come up in the game’s quest mode. Matches against human opponents will get even more tricky, but these strategies should help give players an edge…

Block Opponent Spawn Points


One of the major strategies of Pokemon Duel focuses on spawn points. If you place a Pokemon on one of your opponent’s spawn points, they can’t bring a new Pokemon out on that mark. By blocking all of the spawn points, the opponent is stuck with only the monsters they already have on the board. Defeating all of their remaining Pokemon already in play results in a WaitWin. Use this strategy when you feel like you have a strong matchup against the Pokemon on the board.

Focus On Winning, Not Battling

Battling Pokemon is a ton of fun, but can actually be a big distraction in Pokemon Duel. The primary way to win a match in Duel is by landing a Pokemon on the goal spot. Chasing opposing Pokemon around the board rather than focusing on reaching the goal is a dangerous gambit that rarely pays off. On the same note, be sure to leave a few Pokemon behind to protect your own goal.

Calculate Battle Odds

Unlike in traditional Pokemon battles, Pokemon Type isn’t as important in Duel. Instead, the game uses a different rock, paper, scissors system of blue, white, purple, and red. Check out your Pokemon’s move set and stats before deciding to throw down against an opposing figure. Some members of your team will be much better at making a run for the goal than they are at knocking other figures off the board. It’s a good idea to have a team made up of a few runners and a few defenders. Pokemon with a high MP make for the best runners.

Evolve Your Pokemon


Once you collect an evolved form of one of your figures, be sure to set it to evolve mid-battle. This gives a boost to the evolved forms stats and is very often more beneficial than just starting with the evolved form in the line-up.

Surround The Enemy

Players who complete the tutorial levels will be aware that the most efficient way to knock an opposing figure off the board is to flank it from both sides. Once a Pokemon is surrounded, it is automatically knocked off with the next attack without any need to spin on the roulette wheel. Always be sure to position your figures in spots where they can easily team up on an enemy. Conversely, be very careful not to trap your figures in a corner where they can be trapped and kicked off.

Use Cards/Plates

Players have six points to spend on Plates in the deck edit screen and should not be shy about using these. The special abilities recharge after each battle and often can make the difference between a win and a loss.

That should be enough strategic ammo to demolish the available single player missions in Pokemon Duel and get players ready to play against real opponents. Check back for other Pokemon Duel guides soon.

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Pokemon Duel is available now on mobile devices.