Pokemon Duel gives players the option to take evolved Pokemon into a battle or to evolve them in the middle of the fight. Here is how to trigger the evolutions.

Although it didn’t have quite the initial explosion of popularity that Pokemon GO did, Pokemon Duel actually has a bit more depth to it than the GPS-based mobile game. Pokemon Duel is another mobile game based on the Pokemon IP and this one puts players in competitive battles using digital versions of adorable Pokemon figurines. Playing the game and earning rewards unlocks additional figures and players have the ability to customize their team and battle against AI or other trainers. Unfortunately, it is similar to Pokemon GO in its lack of detailed tutorials.

One of the most important mechanics of every Pokemon game (including Pokemon GO) is evolution and that’s no different in Pokemon Duel. In this mobile game players have two ways to bring evolved Pokemon onto the board to battle with the rest of the squad. The first option is to just assign an evolved version of a Pokemon to the starting lineup. This is possible once players have unlocked the evolution figure, but there are actually some downsides to the straightforward approach. The main one is that Pokemon who evolve mid-match have a 10 point damage bonus. That means evolving Squirtle into Wartortle mid-match makes the Pokemon much stronger in battle than it would be if Wartortle was in the starting lineup.

With that benefit in mind, here is how to evolve mid-battle…

Customize Deck


Before the match begins, click on decks to customize the starting line up. From this view, you’ll notice that every Pokemon capable of evolution has a blue dot below the figure. If the blue dot isn’t glowing, that means no evolution has been set.

Click Edit Figures


Select Edit Figures to set up an evolution. Once in the Edit Figures menu, players can select the Pokemon that they would like to assign an evolution for by clicking the blue button below that figure. Keep in mind that players can only set an evolution if they have acquired the appropriate evolved figure.

Assign Evolution


From the Edit Evolution screen, select the evolved figure that should come out during a mid-match evolution.

Return to Line-Up


Players can confirm that the evolution is set by revisiting the lineup screen. From here, the Pokemon with an evolution in place will now have a lit up blue dot, instead of one that’s not glowing.

Win a Fight


To trigger the evolution in a match, the Pokemon will need to win a battle against another monster. Enter combat on the board like usual and if the Pokemon successfully Knocks Out another monster, then there will be the option to evolve. Players may decline to evolve for a number of strategic reasons, but when starting out it is usually the right choice to go ahead and power up for the combat bonus.

That’s all there is to it! Evolution strategy can get very tricky in more complicated matches, but we recommend mastering the basics before worrying too much about that. Check back for more Pokemon Duel guides and tips.

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Pokemon Duel is available now on mobile devices.