Pokemon Duel has a surprisingly complicated economy, but players should be able to rake in plenty of coins for Figure Fusion by following the steps in this guide.

Pokemon Duel doesn’t require players to spend any real-world money to play the game, but like most mobile games with micro-transactions (including its distant cousin Pokemon GO), the game does require some serious resource management. There are a lot of resources to keep track on in Pokemon Duel and the game’s tutorial doesn’t do the best job of preparing players to understand all of their moving parts. Luckily, we’ve got your back.

Coins are a currency used in Pokemon Duel primarily to pay for Pokemon Figure Fusion. Figure Fusion makes Pokemon more powerful, so basically coins are required to increase the power of your team. There are other resources needed to complete Fusion as well, but for now we’ll concentrate on how to stockpile coins…

Story Quests

Although Pokemon Duel puts the focus on PvP, there is a single-player campaign hidden in the menu. Players can begin the quest mode by entering the menu and selecting Quests. Free coins will be awarded as quest drops as players work through each level.

Complete Dailies


Much like in Hearthstone or Heroes of the Storm, players have the chance to earn an assortment of rewards by completing a rotating series of daily challenges. Not every daily missions rewards coins, but in general it’s a good idea to complete every daily quest if possible.

Trade In Pokemon Figures

Any Pokemon or Plate can be exchanged by visiting the Shop and clicking Exchange Coins. Be warned, that this should be a last resort. The payouts for Figure trade-in are not very profitable and it’s usually a better idea to use the extra figures as Fusion material to level up your best figures.

Here is the exchange rate based on rarity…

Figures Rate:
Common – 232 Coins
Uncommon – 417 Coins
Rare – 1670 Coins
EX – 3712 Coins

Plates Rate:
Common – 93 Coins
Uncommon – 167 Coins
Rare – 670 Coins
EX – ? Coins

Sell Ignots

Yellow Ignots sell for a high profit and are not worth using on any of your figures. Dump off all of these in the shop in exchange for coins.

Following those tips should give players enough coins to avoid spending real cash in the game’s shop. Avoid overspending by making sure to only use Figure Fusion upgrades on the best Figures in your collection.

Have you been stocking up coins in Pokemon Duel? Use the comments to let us know if you have any other coin-saving tips!

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Pokemon Duel is available now on mobile devices.