Every winning Pokemon Duel lineup needs a solid collection of runners on the team. These six Pokemon Figures are the best runners to collect and add to the roster.

Pokemon Duel may seem like a game with minimal strategy at first glance, but there is actually a lot of depth to the mobile Pokemon game. The best line-ups contain a carefully planned combination of Pokemon Figures that each have their own strengths. In order to compete at the competitive level, players need to be aware of which Pokemon Duel figures are the best of the best.

In general, every Pokemon Figure in Duel can be categorized as a runner, a fighter, or a tank. Each role’s function in the team is pretty self-explanatory. Runners are especially important because in most matches because they are the ones who will be used to secure the win. To build a successful team, players will want to make sure they have access to the best runners in the game. Luckily, the pros have played enough games that it is pretty clear which Pokemon Figures are best for the job at this point.

Here are the best runners to keep an eye out for according to our experience and the Pokemon Duel Reddit Experts…


Many players argue that Greninja is the best runner in the game, so definitely get excited if you unlock this figure. Greninja gets +10 damage from Yveltal and +20 from Manaphy.


These twins are both powerful runner options. Latios does more damage and has Dodge, but Latias has Fly Away, which is an incredibly powerful utility move for a runner to bring to the table. The obvious downside to the twins is that both disappear from the match completely if they are Knocked Out. This is a major drawback, but helps balance out their powerful skill sets.


Genesect’s 40% chance to dodge or charge attack makes the Figure a very powerful runner. The solid stats in combination with its unique plate that allows players remove victims from the duel are a strong combination.


Maybe players overlook Keldo when selecting runners because of its weak base damage, but this figure shouldn’t be dismissed so easily. Keldo has a low dodge, but its base damage is boosted by Manaphy and enemy dark.


Sometimes a team needs a runner that is just consistent. In those situations, Mew is the way to go. Mew has a low power yellow move and a medium power white move. Mew isn’t as flashly as the twins or Greninja, but is still a solid alternative with little downside.


Although runner that is often overlooked is Shuppet. Players won’t see as many competitive teams with Shuppet as a runner, but it is still worth keeping mind as an option. The figure has 3MV and can pass through all units, which is a very powerful utility.

For players who don’t have any of these figures, just try to stick to whichever Pokemon are available that have three movements.

Which Pokemon Figures are you currently using as runners? Let us know in the comments!

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Pokemon Duel is available now on mobile devices.