Just yesterday, gaming industry insider and ResetEra admin Emily Rogers suggested that Game Freak’s Pokemon title for Switch would have assets revealed this month and will launch before the end of 2018, with fans of the franchise keeping their fingers crossed that she’s right. Now, even more potential details related to the series are cropping up, as the registration of two different Web domains related to the RPG brand are leading to speculation of an impending announcement from Nintendo regarding the forthcoming release for the Big N’s hybrid mobile console.

Shortly following the wide dissemination of Emily Rogers’ assertions, the company known as CSC Corporate Domains registered websites for Pokemon Let’s Go: Pikachu and Pokemon Let’s Go: Eevee – the potential titles for the two separate versions of the upcoming RPG game for the Switch. Obviously, this doesn’t necessarily mean that a major statement is coming from Nintendo any time soon, but it does suggest that the video game manufacturer could be pouncing on those Web addresses before anyone else does.


However, there’s also the chance that someone could have bought up the rights to the aforementioned domains before Nintendo had the chance, with such an action being motivated by the intent to hold them until the Big N offers to pay a tidy sum to own them itself. This much was inferred by Joe Merrick of the Pokemon news site known as Serebii.net, with Merrick stating in a tweet that it’s still unclear “if they were registered by representatives of Nintendo/TPC or by someone intending to squat”.

All things considered, we will simply have to wait and see what transpires from this recent domain registration, as there’s plenty of scuttlebutt swirling online in relation to Pokemon for Nintendo Switch thanks to the fervor held within the RPG franchise’s fan base. That said, though, these web sites lend further credence to the likelihood of the Switch titles relating to both Pikachu and Eevee, with some surmising that the creatures will be offered up as starters for the forthcoming game.

Pokemon for Nintendo Switch is currently scheduled to release at some point in 2018 or later.

Source: ResetEra