Nintendo reveals that the first exclusive for its NX console will be none other than a crossover between its own beloved Pokemon franchise and Ubisoft’s MMO-like game The Division.

As long as there has been Pokemon, there has been a desire to see a Pokemon MMO. While fans have been making countless demands for just such a premise for an ample number of years now, many had begun to think that it was just a dream that was simply never meant to come true. As it has turned out, however, Nintendo may have simply been waiting for the right partner to help make it a reality, as Ubisoft and Nintendo have jointly announced that the Pocket Monster franchise will at long last be met with a massively multiplayer-like game in a rather unlikely crossover with the French publisher’s Tom Clancy’s The Division, and it will be made available exclusively for Nintendo’s NX console.

The project has been branded none other than Pokemon: Division, admittedly aptly so, and is being helmed by none other than the Swedish game studio Massive Entertainment. Although it’ll be ditching the guns and goons for a more family-friendly take starring Pikachu and friends, a recent press release stated that there will be some, understandably, substantial changes to the traditional franchise’s formula in order to live up to the reputation of its The Division counterpart.

The Division New York

Imagine this but with Pokemon instead of guns. Wow, indeed.

It was also clarified that members from both Nintendo and The Pokemon Company will be closely supervising the immense project. Not willing to disclose too many details on the project, Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime had some encouraging words for wannabe Pokemon Masters.

“We are honored to once again be working with a great partner in Ubisoft to deliver a brand new Pokemon adventure on our upcoming NX console. As we were likely never going to deliver on something that our fans wanted so desperately ourselves, we’ve opted to let someone else do it for you, our dedicated consumers.”

Not to be left out in the cold, Ubisoft’s CEO Yves Guillemot also chimed in on the deal, stating that he’s “thrilled” about the newfound partnership.

“I’m absolutely thrilled that Nintendo has given us the opportunity to make this game. Largely because it’ll make us an ungodly sum of money, but also because it’s something that fans have wanted for a long time – and they really matter to us. We here at Ubisoft have always admired the passion, wallets, and excitement of Pokemon fans, and we can’t wait to churn something out with several major DLC expansions down the road.”

Since the NX will be both a home and portable console, Massive is also working on a pocket edition of Pokemon: Division called Pokemon: Multiplication – staying true to the dual version launch that the franchise has become so well known for. While details are slim on the titles, there’s no doubt that gamers will need to pinch themselves to make sure they aren’t dreaming after reading this incredibly factual and well-crafted news article.

It’ll still be some time before the games are full realized and in the hands of consumers, but at least Pokemon Sun and Moon will act as welcomed stop-gap in the meantime.

Pokemon: Division will arrive exclusively for the Nintendo NX on April 1, 2017.

Source: Nintendo