Ditto is one of the most beloved Pokemon in the franchise’s entire roster of creatures. Famed for taking on the appearance of other Pokemon, the pink blob is one of the most sought-after characters in Pokemon GO, with the mobile game helping Ditto’s popularity skyrocket even further.

It seems that Ditto is now so popular that it has now been honored with an official song. Uploaded to the official Pokemon YouTube channel, the whimsical song is sung in Japanese (its official title is ‘Song of METAMONON “Monmon MetaMON”) but it offers translations into English.

The official translations explain that Ditto can transform into “whatever it sees” and that Ditto are able to easily amuse by turning into their Poke-pals. This is pretty useful, as the poor Ditto seem to be stuck in a ranch with nothing but grass (and other Ditto) to keep them entertained.

And even battles between two Ditto are totally adorable. Transform is the only move that the Pokemon knows and so when two Ditto try to attack one another, both sides end up turning into Ditto. That makes them utterly ineffective, of course, but at least the battleground looks incredibly cute. One trainer’s “bad planning” is a Pokemon fans’ delight.

To cap it all off, the song ends on a somewhat heart-warming note. As Ditto stands in the ranch alone, it tries to turn into a Pidgey but it is unable to fly away. But a group of Ditto disguised as other Pokemon (naturally) show up to keep Ditto company, showing that the only thing better than a singular Ditto is an entire group of them. Pokemon GO players know well how Ditto’s Transform can be used to trick Trainers too.

Unfortunately, the song doesn’t answer one of the most pressing questions about the cutesy pink Pokemon: how is Ditto connected to Mew? One of the most popular Pokemon theories is that Ditto is a failed clone of Mew, the ancient Pokemon that shares DNA with every other Pokemon that exists in the world.

With that said, even without important, lore-related answers, the song is pretty great. It gives Pokemon fans another excuse to celebrate a lovable and popular (yet somewhat useless) creature, following the official Magikarp song that was released earlier this year. Hopefully even more Pokemon will get the official song treatment soon.

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