‘If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’; a sentiment that no video game franchise embodies as succinctly as Pokemon. That shouldn’t be taken as an insult, since even the people developing the series maintain that like any lasting sport or game, Pokemon doesn’t need to change to stay relevant.

Instead, the developers at Game Freak simply iterate upon each element of gameplay, introduce new creatures for players to collect, and let marketing take care of the rest.

As the franchise closes in on twenty years – and prepares to add yet another Nintendo console to its resume – we thought we’d look back; not on the games or creatures that we most treasure, but the ones that keep us up at night.

Here are the 10 Most Disturbing Pokemon Facts.

Gothita Sees Dead People

Pokemon Gothitelle

Name: Gothita

Type: Psychic

It’s disturbing enough that Gothita, this Pokemon’s starting form resembles a baby that “stares at something only it can see,” but once it evolves into Gothorita at Level 32, its creep factor gets sent sky high. With hypnosis mastered, the creature “steals people away at night.” Whether it steals people away as offerings to the thing “only it can see” is impossible to know.

Once the evolution to Gothitelle is achieved at Level 41, this creature uses its psychic abilities to see the future, specifically the death of their trainer. While useful in combat, having this Pokemon in one’s arsenal is just too creepy. You can always look on the bright side: if Gothitelle isn’t hypno-kidnapping its trainer, it’s probably only because it knows death is imminent.

Can’t. Stop. Hopping.

Pokemon Spoink

Name: Spoink

Type: Psychic

If you’re looking for a precocious and spunky critter to keep by your side, then Spoink fits the bill. Sure, it’s a little weird that the pig-headed Pokemon uses a giant pink pearl on its head to amplify its psychic abilities, but the way it hops around on the spring it possesses in place of a body? Adorable!

Until you learn that the springing isn’t a sign of Spoink’s rambunctious attitude, but required to live. That’s right; if Spoink stops springing, he stops breathing. Stops doing pretty much anything, really. Try to imagine what kind of paranoia results when death is just a misstep away, and it suddenly becomes easier to understand why Spoink is also a kleptomaniac, ever pursuing a bigger and better pearl.

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