‘Pokemon’ Director Teases Future of Franchise

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The arrival of Pokemon X and Y are imminent as October quickly approaches, and many fans have presumably begun prepping their teams in hopes of transferring them over to the pair of highly anticipated games. Despite the future of Pokemon being so very close, many gamers can’t help but think back to the Pokemon Games Show trailer that teased the arrival of what looked to be a new Wii U title.

This teaser was enough to get plenty of gamers excited for Pokemon Stadium on the Wii U, or perhaps even a new core Pokemon game, but Game Freak and The Pokemon Company have remained radio silent on the footage since showcasing it in Tokyo, Japan last month. Now the director for the impending Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, Junichi Masuda, has shed some light on what exactly the unknown game was during an interview with Nintendo Life.

“That was actually a video which was shown at the Pokémon Games Show, an event in Tokyo last month and it was showing the history of Pokémon games as well as the future. It was kind of a concept about what the future of Pokemon may look like…”

It’s unlikely that the footage was created with the sole intention of having something to place at the end of a trailer, which means Masuda knows more than he’s letting on. His description of the footage as being something that “the future of Pokemon may look like,” however, doesn’t make it sound like the teaser was for a traditional 3D Pocket Monster battler that imports characters from the handheld versions — especially since X and Y already have full 3D battles.

Maybe console gamers will finally be getting a real Pokemon game exclusively on the Wii U at some point in the near future, or perhaps Masuda has a very different experience in mind for fans.

What do you think the game is, Ranters? What kind of Pokemon game would you like to see on Wii U?

Pokemon X and Pokemon Y hit the Nintendo 3DS this October 12th.

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Source: Nintendo Life