Rumor: Gen 8 Pokemon Game Could Be Revealed This Month

Pokemon RPG Switch 2019 release window

At E3 2017, Game Freak confirmed that it was working on a brand new main series Pokemon RPG for the Nintendo Switch, but it stopped short of providing any sort of details about what the game may entail. Fans have been waiting years to learn more about the next main series Pokemon game, and some believe that it could finally get a proper reveal as early as this month.

There are a couple of reasons why some Pokemon fans think that the Gen 8 Pokemon game for the Nintendo Switch will be revealed this month. Firstly, there have been rumors that Nintendo is hosting a Nintendo Direct on February 13. Nintendo hasn't confirmed or denied those rumors, but it would make sense for the Big N to host a Nintendo Direct soon. Nintendo hasn't hosted a big Nintendo Direct presentation in 2019 yet, and since it fell short of its Switch sales goal for the fiscal year, it needs to drum up excitement for the console.

Secondly, Nintendo New York is hosting special events to celebrate Pokemon Day on February 27. From February 27 until March 3, fans can attend face paintings, Pokemon card game activities, and more, including Q&A sessions with Nintendo Treehouse. The latter is the most interesting bit, as Nintendo Treehouse events are typically held to go more in-depth with new game reveals, and are usually held after Nintendo Directs or E3.

While this is far from a confirmation that Game Freak is planning to reveal the Gen 8 Pokemon game for the Switch this month, it hasn't stopped fans from getting excited about the prospect. And even though the next Pokemon game is likely going to be Switch's big holiday 2019 release, there's precedent for Game Freak revealing a Pokemon game nearly a year ahead of time.

After all, Pokemon Sun and Moon were originally announced as part of Pokemon Day, despite those games being holiday releases as well. Considering this, it does seem like a distinct possibility that a Pokemon reveal could come this month, though fans should still try to keep their expectations in check and take any rumors with a grain of salt.

If Game Freak does pull the curtain back on the Gen 8 Pokemon game for the Switch, one has to wonder what all will be shown. The new starter Pokemon will presumably be revealed, but maybe we'll also get a look at its art style and new gameplay features. Fans will just have to keep an eye out for a new Nintendo Direct and keep their fingers crossed that Game Freak is finally ready to share what it's been working on these past few years.

Pokemon is in development for the Nintendo Switch.

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