Pokemon Developer Hiring for 3DS RPG

pokemon developer 3ds hiring

With the launch of the Switch, many gamers have immediately had their heads turned towards Nintendo's newest addition to its console roster. However, it seems as though developers aren't quite ready to give up on some of the company's older line-up, with Pokemon developer Game Freak currently hiring with a view for 3DS development.

Game Freak, which is best known for its Pokemon games, is looking to hire a 3D-focused programmer, and is specifically hiring this programmer to work on a RPG for the 3DS. No further details around the project itself are revealed in the job description, and at the moment Game Freak has not confirmed its next project. The job posting can be seen via Game Freak's listing on

This has led some to believe that Game Freak may be looking to begin work on another Pokemon game for 3DS. However, it's worth pointing out that the developer does not solely work on the Pokemon franchise, with Game Freak's most recent title actually being the PC platformer Giga Wrecker. Given that Giga Wrecker is a 2D title and Game Freak is specifically hiring for 3D design, it's likely that this listing is for something new rather than a port of the recent release, be it Pokemon or not.


Game Freak has previously discussed the possibility of working on another Pokemon title for the 3DS, however, with Junichi Masuda stating that Game Freak's decision could come down to the potential user base for any given console. Although the Switch is doing tremendously well so far, the 3DS does still have a huge user base for Game Freak to turn to. This also aligns with the company's stance in previous years, such as releasing Pokemon Black and White 2 on DS despite the arrival of the 3DS.

That said, there have also been a lot of rumblings about the next Pokemon game coming to the Switch. Indeed, other recent Game Freak listings may have pointed towards Switch development, meaning that the company could either have multiple projects on the go, or is aiming for some kind of cross-platform release.

Whatever Game Freak has planned, whether a Pokemon game or something entirely different, hopefully 3DS users will be able to find out more about the project soon. Nintendo has promised more 3DS game announcements at E3 2017, so perhaps then may be the right time for Game Freak to unveil exactly what it has been working on.

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