Every Pokemon in the Detective Pikachu Trailer

detective pikachu

Earlier this week, the first trailer for Pokemon: Detective Pikachu was released. A film adaptation of the 3DS game Detective Pikachu, the trailer has generated quite a bit of buzz, with particular attention given to Ryan Reynolds' portrayal of Pikachu and the somewhat "realistic" design of the Pokemon.

While the trailer focuses mainly on the titular Detective Pikachu, it's actually full of Pokemon from a variety of generations. Some are harder to spot than others, and it's possible that there are even more that have yet to be found. However, we were able to find at least 23 different Pokemon species in the first Detective Pikachu movie trailer.

23 Dodrio

22 Comfey

21 Flabebe

every pokemon in detective pikachu trailer flabebe

20 Pidgeotto

19 Braviary

18 Charmander

every pokemon in detective pikachu trailer charmander

17 Bouffalant

16 Psyduck

15 Pikachu

14 Emolga

13 Venusaur

12 Joltik

11 Audino

10 Bulbasaur

9 Morellul

every pokemon in detective pikachu trailer morellul

8 Jigglypuff

7 Charizard

6 Greninja

5 Pancham

4 Squirtle

3 Rufflet

2 Aipom

1 Mr. Mime

Adapting Pokemon to live-action was always going to be tricky, but it seems as though the semi-realistic designs seen in the trailer have been well-received. The Pokemon all look like their video game counterparts, with the creepy Mr. Mime recreated with painstaking accuracy.

Besides the actual Pokemon seen in the trailer, there are references to a number of other Pokemon as well. For example, there's a poster on the wall of the bar Jigglypuff is singing in that's promoting a fight between Machamp and Primeape, and a Spoink bobblehead can be spotted on the dashboard of the character Lucy Stevens (the reporter with the Psyduck). The main character, Tim Goodman, has dedicated his bedroom to Pokemon, with pictures of legendary creatures like Rayquaza lining his wall, and posters for Pokemon League Championships hanging above his bed.

So while some fans may still be on the fence about Detective Pikachu, at least it seems to be stuffing itself full of Pokemon and references to the video game series. Whether or not that's enough to break the video game movie curse remains to be seen, but fans will find out if the Detective Pikachu movie lives up to the hype next year.

Pokemon: Detective Pikachu will premiere in theaters on May 10, 2019.

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