Pokemon Player Wins Online Battle Using Cosmog


One tremendously skilled Pokemon player takes it upon himself to attempt a sweep using the Nebula Pokemon Cosmog, and actually succeeds, wiping the enemy team.

Sweeping an enemy team with a single Pokemon is no easy feat, but some gamers push themselves to the limit to make the challenge even more intense. One such gamer has now done what many deemed impossible, defeating a team of six Pokemon with the harmless Cosmog in Pokemon Sun & Moon.

Cosmog is one of the latest legendaries from Pokemon Sun & Moon, but unlike other legendaries, it's a defenseless and weak Pokemon until it reaches its final evolutionary form. Cosmog only knows two moves: Splash and Teleport. Teleport is only useful in escaping a battle, and doesn't work in trainer matches. Although Splash has found new use with Z-Moves, it doesn't provide any help to Pokemon that lack attacks. Fans of the YouTuber believed the challenge of using Cosmog would be too great to overcome, but PIMPNITE, creator of the "Epic Sweep" series, proved them wrong.

PIMPNITE carefully developed his team to provide a variety of buffs to Cosmog, as well as setting up recurring latent damage to enemy combatants. PIMPNITE used toxic spikes twice, applying a strong poison to any ground-based Pokemon that entered the playing field. For buffs, he used Baton Pass to transfer other Pokemon's abilities onto Cosmog. These moves include Amnesia for improved special defense, Iron Defense for a defense boost, and both Ingrain and Aqua Ring to give Cosmog latent healing. From there, Cosmog was free to start its "fight," essentially doing nothing while enemy Pokemon slowly had their health whittled away.


The video shows the fight in its entirety. Enemy combatant Woods does his best to try and take down Cosmog, sending out Primarina, Guzzlord, Buzzwole, Necrozoma, Exeggutor, and Zygarde to face it. Despite the onslaught of two Ultra Beasts and a Legendary, the strategy works as planned, with each enemy slowly being worn down by the strong poison two layers of toxic spikes cause. While there are a few moments where it looked like Cosmog might actually be defeated, the enemy team is ultimately unable to break through the epic level of defense that Cosmog has, and its healing abilities gradually boost it enough to endure more attacks.

While this isn't a strategy that most gamers would find suitable for standard Pokemon battles, it is remarkable that this gamer was able to pull off such a feat. Of course, the challenge was only possible by implementing the abilities and moves of more powerful Pokemon. Although the others don't directly damage the enemy combatants, it's fair to say that Cosmog was only partially responsible for winning the match.

Whether or not Cosmog deserves the praise for winning the match, it probably pleases fans of the cute Pokemon to see it do so well in a fight. After all, the Pokemon was popular enough to be modded into Super Smash Bros., alongside its iconic trainer Lillie.

Gamers, what do you think of this strategy? Let us know in the comments below.

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