'Pokemon Conquest' Conquering North American Retailers this Summer

Pokemon Conquest North American Release

This past March an odd video game crossover for the Nintendo DS, known as Pokemon + Nobunaga's Ambition, was released. Now, Nintendo has announced plans to localize and bring the game to North America under the updated (and easier to spell) monicker of Pokemon Conquest. Developed by Tecmo Koei, this isn't your traditional "gotta catch 'em all" Pokemon game, and fans are in for a very different kind of spin-off then they may have grown accustomed to.

Pokemon Conquest was announced this morning on the official Pokemon website,  much to the delight of fans hoping for the game's localization. The game takes place in a new Poke-occupied territory called the Ransei region, with close to 200 pocket monsters to be found. The gist of the game is that you are a Warlord, and must build up forces to conquer the land and defeat all those who oppose you. You'll make allies and confront enemies during your time in Ransei, in what will hopefully add up to be a fun strategy game.

Many of the feudal lords that are found in Pokemon Conquest have a legendary Pokemon at their side; as a result, this makes the player's starter monster Eevee look less than stellar in comparison. With the likes of Zekrom allied with Nobunaga, Mewtwo partnering with Kenshin, and Groudon teaming up with an overweight samurai named Shingen, there will be plenty of foes for the player to do battle with. Obviously strategy will have a lot to do with success and different elemental types will prove to be more useful on certain characters, so players will have to choose their Pokemon wisely in order to secure victory.

Pokemon Conquest has been given a June 18th release date, which times it perfectly to hit just before Pokemon Black 2 and Pokemon White 2 this appear this upcoming Fall.

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