Detective Pikachu Could Be Start of Marvel-Style Pokemon Cinematic Universe

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Detective Pikachu, the first live-action Pokemon film, is set to release on May 10, and is on track to being one of the year's biggest blockbuster hits. And if the film is as successful as many are anticipating, it could very well lead to a comprehensive Pokemon cinematic universe similar to the Marvel movies.

This is according to Legendary Entertainment producer Ali Mendes, who was asked by IGN about the possibility of Detective Pikachu kicking off a Pokemon cinematic universe. "We're trying to get the first movie right, and then once we've done that, we'll see where we go from there, but absolutely. There are a lot of opportunities," she said.

If rumors are to be believed, then plans for a Pokemon cinematic universe may already be in motion, with a potential set-up in Detective Pikachu. One rumor points to a Mewtwo spinoff film, which will supposedly focus on the legendary psychic Pokemon's tragic origin story. This would make sense, as the second Detective Pikachu trailer shows Mewtwo attacking a Pokemon-themed parade, so we know he is in the movie.

Another rumor suggests that a Pokemon Red and Blue movie is also in the works. According to one source, the Pokemon Red and Blue films will be set in the same universe as Detective Pikachu, and focus on Red's journey through the Kanto region, just like the original games.

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Of course, a Pokemon cinematic universe likely depends on whether or not Detective Pikachu does well at the box office and with critics. We've seen a few times where studios have abandoned their cinematic universe plans, as the first films in their planned universe fail to meet expectations.

Considering the sheer amount of hype behind Detective Pikachu, though, it's hard to see the movie not doing well at the box office. It's the only major blockbuster releasing on May 10, and Avengers: Endgame will be in its third week at that point, so it seems like Detective Pikachu will sit at the top of the box office for at least a couple of weeks in May. Combine that with its worldwide numbers and it seems likely that Detective Pikachu will be one of the highest-grossing films of the year.

Detective Pikachu will premiere in theaters on May 10.

Source: IGN

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