Charizard and Weavile Join Roster of Pokemon Fighting Game

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As one of the more popular franchises currently on the market, Pokemon has secured itself as a force to be reckoned with amongst gamers. While fans don’t have a core iteration of the beloved series arriving this year, fans in Japan have a pair of spin-offs to anticipate in the coming months in the form of Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon and Pokken Tournament.

The latter of the two takes the property in an entirely new direction, instead opting to remove the turn-based combat that the series is known for by placing Pokemon in a more true-to-life fighting game. Pokken Tournament is indeed a very different beast, but not much is known about the title’s debut in Japanese arcades – including the final roster.

Taking to a live stream, however, the developers behind Pokken Tournament revealed two additional combatants that’ll be featured as playable fighters in the game. Much to the surprise of few, the ever-popular Charizard will be appearing as a playable character in the new game, while the evolved form of the Dark/Ice-type Pokemon Sneasel, aptly called Weavile, is also set to receive its own spot on the roster.

As is evident by the above trailers, each Pocket Monster will have signature traits accompanying them. Weavile, for instance, is a much smaller and agile competitor that’s capable of dodging incoming attacks and catching foes in fast and furious combos. Meanwhile, the hulking Charizard is a much slower and harder hitting character that isn’t afraid to toss the competition into the sky for some aerial combinations that are equal parts impressive and devastating. As a bonus, the creature can also transform into Mega Charizard X, which should be a familiar event for Super Smash Bros. players.

These new fighters join the likes of other Pokemon such as Pikachu, Suicune, and Gardevoir on the Pokken Tournament roster, with a grand total of eight known monsters occupying the roster. As many are likely safe in assuming, there are probably several more fighters still left to be revealed – with more likely being held for a home console release of the fighting game – but there’s no shorting the game for the fan-favorite characters it has already included (i.e. the fan voted Gengar).

While playable beasts are certainly a focal point for hopeful players, The Pokemon Company also announced that Jirachi and Whimsicott will be joining the action as support characters. This will come as a bummer to those hoping to see either one of these creatures join the fray as controllable participants, but at least they’re being meaningfully included in the game – rather than being left stranded on the sidelines.

While the arcade fighter is currently only set to arrive in Japanese arcades, it seems inevitable that the game will be arriving on a Nintendo platform at some point during its lifespan. Whether or not that system ends up being the Wii U or NX remains to be seen, but gamers still have more news pertaining to the title to wait on in the meantime.

Pokken Tournament is set to arrive in Japanese arcades on July 16, 2015.

Source: Serebii