Once in a while, we stumble upon gaming-related art that deserves some recognition, and we can think of only few pieces that deserve your immediate attention more than these gasp-worthy Pokemon renditions. Each one of these portraits were done completely with watercolor paints, and the end results are some of the coolest looking fan art ever conceived. And if it’s not the coolest, then there’s no question that they may very well be some of the creepiest.

Fortunately, we here at Game Rant can handle anything from mild to moderately creepy. That being said, there’s just something so sinister about those gigantic soulless eyes featured prominently on the face of almost every Pocket Monster.

These pieces of Poke-art were painted by an artist that goes by the name of Wednesday Wolf, and all of them can be found — and even purchased — on his official web page. WW has done a number of other watercolor stuff too; everything from original artwork to a Skyrim dragon are up for grabs, and anyone can score prints of these bad boys by checking out his Etsy page.

Pokemon has never featured overly scary critters. Sure, monsters like Onyx are on the list of fictional cartoon characters we’d like to avoid making angry, but even the gigantic rock snake can’t hold a candle the horrifying rendition of Haunter. Even Tim Burton’s take on Pokemon seems tame in comparison to Wednesday Wolf’s masterpieces.

It’s unlikely that Pokemon games will take on this bizarre art style anytime in the near future, much to the dismay of horror game fans everywhere, but it’s probably better for everyone that way. If the once adorable creatures looked like that in Pokemon Black 2 and White 2, then a majority of the franchise’s current audience would probably have night terrors… so, so many night terrors.

Which Pokemon painting is your favorite?

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Source: Wednesday Wolf