'Pokemon'-Related Poo Fight Smears Spain's Reputation

Pokemon Video Game Championships 2012 Poop Fight

There are some stories that show up on Game Rant's to-do list every once in awhile that make me question my faith in humanity. This story is one of them. Since this was Pokemon-related it fit into the category of "gaming," so we've decided to cover it. Whether or not that's for better or worse has yet to be determined, but we couldn't help but share this story because it's funny, in the worst possible way.

I'll get right into the gist of it then. As some are probably well aware, the Pokemon Video Game Championships were held in Birmingham, UK just this past weekend. This is a pretty big deal, and contestants from all over Europe flew there to try to lay claim to some sort of insanely cool first-place prize. It turns out that this Pokemon prize may have been so awesome that it actually de-evolved a few trainers, because the team from Spain was literally caught in the midst of an alcohol-fueled poo war in their hotel.

Let that sink in for a moment. This report spawns from a blog post by PokéChamp21 on, where the entrant was awoken mid-nap in his hotel room by the calamity the Spaniards were causing just down the hall.

"I awoke to the sound of banging comming [sic] from down the hall from where the 'Spanish Team' were staying in. It seems that at some point after they had turned up and when we went to Wether Spoons the Spniards [sic] had decided to have a 'Poo' fight in the corridor and this had upset the staff and several guests (naturally) at the hotel enough to call the Police and have them leave."

At least these people got booted from the hotel, after all, they were annoying the crap out of all the other guests.

Look forward to Pokemon Brown hitting a hotel hallway near you — followed by Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 later this Fall.


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Source: (via Destructoid)

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