Chicago Cubs Player Has Pokemon Card Collection in Locker Room

Chicago Cubs Pokemon Cards

At least one Chicago Cubs player's Pokemon card collection was put on display during a recent televised interview. An observant Redditor spotted the page of Pokemon cards hanging from a locker while watching the broadcast and posted it online.

Cubs fans quickly posted their excitement regarding Kris Bryant, the Cubs' third baseman and interviewee, and their shared hobbies. While it isn't clear whether the locker with the cards was Bryant's or another teammate's, the presence of Pokemon cards in reigning World Series champions' locker room has to be applauded.

This isn't the first time that the Chicago Cubs have teased their excitement over Pokemon cards, however. Shortstop Addison Russel has shared his impressive collection of cards before, so it very well could be a page from his collection hanging behind Kris Bryant.

More than that, it's almost certainly Addison Russel's cards considering the Cubs were asked about Pokemon Go near the game's launch last year and only a few showed remote interest in the game beyond Russel. Russel seems to be the clubhouse's resident nerd.

Chicago Cubs Pokemon Cards - Kris Bryant

Unfortunately it's difficult to discern exactly which cards have been collected going by low quality footage of the interview. The only card that stands out is an original series holographic Zapdos. Here's hoping it's one of the rare shadowless versions.

Another appears to be Pikachu from the Pokemon Shiny Collection series, but could be something else. For the rest, a Pokemon card expert would be required. Though judging by the two we were able to spot, they all seem like potentially rare cards - the kind of cards a champion would see as worth putting on his locker.

Here's to hoping Addison Russel and the rest of the Cubs have another great season due to the luck of these Pokemon Cards. If they need any more luck, the Sun and Moon Pokemon card set was only just released in February and the Guardians Rising set will be out in May. Or maybe the team's waiting for rumored Nintendo Switch iteration of the latest Pokemon 3DS game to be announced. Better yet, maybe they should just keep focusing on baseball.

Source: Reddit

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