The Pokemon Company Making a a New Card Game for Mobile

Pokemon company card game

The Pokemon Company is said to be developing a new card game for mobile devices. The information comes from the same report that suggested that Nintendo is making a Legend of Zelda mobile game.

According to sources that spoke to The Wall Street Journal, The Pokemon Company is apparently working on a "new card-game" application for mobile platforms. It's unclear exactly how the group, which is responsible for handling the Pokemon license, will release the game. The publication's report does not offer up any information on whether it will be free to play like the other hugely popular mobile game, Pokemon GO, which has made over $1 billion worldwide, or whether it will be a paid-for affair.

Some have noted that The Pokemon Company has already released an official app for the real-world Pokemon Trading Card Game and a few fans have suggested that they'd like a new take on the Pokemon card game formula, perhaps in the vein of Blizzard's collectible card game Hearthstone.

Legendary Pokemon could have more XP and more attack points to work with and items such as berries, potions, HMs, TMs, and even evolutions and stones working in absence of Hearthstone's spells. And while Pokemon are technically from one creature family (as opposed to Hearthstone's Beasts or Murlocs), there could be different effects and benefits for using a particular type of Pokemon or perhaps an evolutionary line (e.g something only effects Eevees.)

At this point it's unclear when fans can expect said Pokemon Company-made card game to be released. Although some would implore the company to strike while the iron is hot, spurred by the billion dollar revenue of other mobile card-based games, there are a lot of other Pokemon games available right now and TPC may not want to distract from those.

For example, Pokemon GO is still making bank, Pokemon Duel was also released not so long ago, and a Pokemon Sun and Moon port called Pokemon Star is rumored for the Nintendo Switch. Needless to say, Pokemon fans may be plenty occupied in the coming year (if not longer), but if there is anyone that knows how to leverage the property well it's TPC.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

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