Pokemon: Build-A-Bear Releases Eevee Stuffed Animal

Pokemon: Build-A-Bear Releases Eevee Stuffed Animal

Build-a-Bear announces the next stuffed animal to join its Pokemon lineup, revealing an adorable Eevee plush with two separate costumes that fans can buy for it.

Pokemon is seeing a major boom in popularity once again, due to the recent Pokemon GO obsession and the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Moon titles for the 3DS. The Build-a-Bear Workshop has wisely chosen this time to reveal a new Pokemon offering, this time giving fans a chance to bring home a plush Eevee.

Build-a-Bear's Eevee plush can be picked up plain or with a few custom outfits, typical of the Build-a-Bear brand. Pokemon fans will be able to pick up Eevee in-person starting on September 1st, or they can place pre-orders online today, with the price tag starting at $28 for a 14-inch plush. The basic plush comes with a trading card with the Build-a-Bear logo, but fans who want outfits for their Eevee will need to shell out a little more cash. A pair of hooded Pokeball pajamas are available for Eevee, which sell for $12.50 separately. Eevee fanatics that want the complete experience can purchase an online-only exclusive version for $62 that includes the Eevee plush, trading card, a 5-in-1 sound clip, pajamas, and an exclusive cape for Eevee decorated with its evolutionary forms.

Pokemon fans who missed out on Pikachu last year are also in luck. Build-a-Bear's Pikachu is still out of stock as of this writing, but the company has stated that they'll be getting new stock in soon after Eevee's arrival. However, Pokemon fans should keep an eye on Build-a-Bear's Facebook page, as Pikachu is sure to sell out quickly again.

eevee build a bear basic plush

Although there are plenty of iconic creatures from the Pokemon franchise that would have been a good bet for Build-a-Bear, Eevee is a great choice to join the plush line. Eevee has always been popular with Pokemon fans due to its cuteness and the ability to evolve it into a myriad of different forms, but Eevee's popularity has only increased since the Pokemon GO obsession began. Eevee's evolutionary forms in Pokemon GO are some of the most powerful gym defenders in the game. In addition, there has been some speculation that Eevee may receive a new evolutionary form in the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Moon games, or perhaps an Alolan form that will be entirely unique.

Whether or not Eevee gets a new form in Pokemon Sun and Moon, its popularity will most likely continue to rise as Pokemon GO receives new Pokemon from later generations of the original game series. Depending on how well the Eevee plush sells, it's always possible that Build-a-Bear could introduce some of its evolutionary forms later on.

Pokemon fans, which Pokemon would you like to see come next to the Build-a-Bear Workshop? Let us know in the comments below.

Source: Build-a-Bear Facebook (via Polygon)

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