Every true Pokemon fan — at this point in time — has had to have seen the silhouettes of Pokemon Black and White’s starter Pokemon that debuted on the Japanese show Pokemon Sunday not too long ago. Speculation has reached a boiling point due to the starters being set to be revealed sometime in Japanese magazine CoroCoro later this week. Well, if allegedly leaked scans of CoroCoro magazine are accurate thenĀ it looks like Pokemon fans everywhere can finally feast their eyes on these brand new starters.

You can check out the scans from CoroCoro right after the jump:

Pokemon Black and White Starters

(Starting from Left to Right): Tsutaja, Pokabu, and Mijumaru

The Pokemon are indeed Fire, Water, and Grass, unlike Game Rant’s speculation that Nintendo could choose to mix it up this time around with a Psychic, Dark, and Fighting combo. Regardless, they don’t look half bad (although I would have preferredĀ the water starter to be a platypus).

On top of the starter Pokemon reveal there was a tiny bit of other new information too. The game takes place in a land called the Isshu Region and you will no longer be some “pesky brat” ruining the bad guys’ plans, but instead the main protagonist will be older than any of the others in previous installments. Hello puberty!

Here’s a scan of the teenage protagonists from CoroCoro:

Pokemon Black and White Trainers

That’s all the information we have on Pokemon Black and White right now and it’s entirely possible that it’s not real, but it looks pretty legitimate. CoroCoro is set to officially release on May 15, so we will get a confirmation then, along with some new info.

What do you think about the new starters? Does altering the main character’s age make sense to you?

Source: Serebii