'Pokemon Black' and 'White' Starters Named: Meet Snivy, Tepig and Oshawott

Pokemon Black and White - Starters Named Snavy, Tepig and Ohawott

It's been a long while, by news standards, since there has been any big news on the Pokemon Black and White front. That changes today, as the official Pokemon website has announced the English names for the Pokemon Black and White starters. Allow Game Rant to introduce you to: Snivy the grass-type, Tepig the fire-type, and Oshawott the water type! Now comes one of the the largest gaming decisions of the new year: who to pick?

The release date for Pokemon Black and White is still ambiguously set for the Spring of 2011, but anticipation is likely to grow once more with this latest reveal. A player's starter Pokemon is likely the most important choice a Pokemon Master will make during their initial playthrough. Names play such a significant role is the decision process, right up there with the look and type of each pocket monster. Previous favorites include Charmander, Cyndaquil, and Piplup. Who will join the ranks of the magnificent?

Japan has been playing Black and White since September 18, and scored a perfect 40 out of 40 from the magazine Famitsu. It's no stretch to say that a similar reception is expected when the two games release worldwide. After setting numerous sales records in Japan, the big question isn't whether the game will be successful past Japanese shores, but whether this is the best Pokemon game made yet?

It's also worth considering how the pending launch of the Nintendo 3DS will fit into Pokemon Black and White's release. The 3DS releases is tentatively scheduled for March of 2011, which is also rumored to be released in the month. Will the releases coincide, driving new hardware sales through the roof -- though keep in mind the game is 100% DS, not 3DS? An early release may keep consumers attached to their DS, rather than persuade them to upgrade to a new handheld.

Enough analysis though, it's time for decision making. All three of the starter Pokemon have excellent names, though the internet is almost certain to disagree on that point. Currently, GR is evenly split on which of the starters is best. Personally, I'm leaning heavily towards a Tepig nicknamed Bacon. The adorable otter and smug-snake certainly make excellent cases on their own though.

Which Pokemon are you leaning towards, Ranters? Do Tepig the fire-pig, Snivy the grass-snake and Oshawott the water-otter fit your fancy? Are you by chance disappointed in the names, or even the design of the new starters? Just how excited are you for the new Pokemon Black and White games?

Pokemon Black and White are both planned to release in Spring of 2011, exclusively for the DS (or the 3DS' with its backwards compatibility).

Source: Official Pokemon Website

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