Pokemon Black and White Special Edition DSi Bundles Are Legendary

New Pokemon Bundles

From the all too familiar files of "Japan gets way more cool stuff than the United States", we take a look at two special Pokemon White/Black DSi bundles. While each bundle includes a copy of either Pokemon Black or White, the centerpieces are the special edition DSi's in either white or black, with illustrations of each specific game's legendary Pokemon on the front. This bundle news comes on the heels of record-breaking sales of Pokemon Black and White in Japan, where it was the most successful launch in the series' history, selling more than 2.6 million units in its first week.

These bundles will be available November 20th in Japan and will run you ¥19,800 (approx. $240). While we've reported on a North American release date for the latest entry into the Pokemon franchise, there is currently no plan to bring these special edition bundles to the States.

Ranters, do you ever buy special edition, game specific hardware? Both editions look very well done, but would you want your DSi to be permanently branded with the Pokemon name? It made me think of the Halo and Call of Duty specific Xbox 360s and the God of War PSPs, and I realized that I would want a standard console over a game specific branded version.

These special edition consoles are typically meant for the fanatics of a certain game, but I know quite a few people who own the Halo branded Xbox 360 simply because it's what they grabbed at the store. Whether it's because of a fear that the game may be a disappointment, or purely an aesthetic choice, I prefer a clean looking console. Am I alone here or do you also share my love of cleaner, less busy looking video game hardware?

Pokemon Black and White are both currently available in Japan. You'll be able to catch a whole new lineup of Pokemon when Pokemon Black/White are released for the Nintendo DS in North America during the Spring 2011 season.

Source: Pokemon Series Official (via Game Informer)

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