Pokemon Black and White North American Release Date Confirmed

Pokemon Black White American Release Date

If there was any confusion over the staying power of the Pokemon franchise, the Japanese sales numbers for Pokemon Black and Pokemon White have put those days behind us. Rumors surrounding the release date for North American audiences sprang up over the weekend quoting a Gamestop flyer with a release date of April 17, 2011, but now Nintendo has exceeded even that projection and confirmed that the games will see a North American release date of March 6, 2011. you may now commence squealing.

Nintendo made it clear during the development of Black and White that they were taking fan input to heart, so it only seems right that they would bring their North American fans a bit of good news to help ring in the new year. Now Pokemon fans can amrk their calendars, and begin the arduous task of weighing the pros and cons of the three starter characters in anticipation of picking up their own copy this spring.

It must come as somewhat of a relief for fans to know just how much time remains until they can experience firsthand the different games that Nintendo has crafted, with Black and White standing out from the rest of the series for employing unique seasons, areas, even different characters.

Pokemon Black and White North American

The fact that not every creature can be caught in a single game means that the addictive, obsessive 'gotta catch em all!' mentality that has become the hallmark of the series may reach a new height. The additions to the game mechanics and visuals are enough to bring even the most casual Poke-fan back for a closer look, but the inclusion of over a hundred new Pokemon makes the proposition one that simply can't be passed up by dedicated fans.

There is no word yet on whether or not the North American release of Black and White will include the incredible Special Edition DSi's that were designed for the game, but if you completionists haven't already ordered your own shipped from Japan, then you can still hope.

Whether you choose to breathe easy, or pull your hair out until spring is up to you. But either way, it's now confirmed that Pokemon Black and Pokemon White will be available in North American for the DS come March 6, 2011.

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