'Pokemon Black' and 'White' Versions Catch Record Breaking Sales

Pokemon Black White Record Breaking Sales

It would seem that quite a few people were eager to “catch ‘em all,” as the recent release of Pokemon Black Version and Pokemon White Version has resulted in record U.S. sales (and excellent reviews) for the popular franchise. Just one day removed from the March 6 release date, the game managed to sell over 1.08M units. Nintendo of America’s senior director of Corporate Communications, Charlie Scibetta, was no doubt pretty happy when he had this to say:

“Longtime Pokémon fans are attracted to the new Pokémon, new battle systems and a new region to explore, while newcomers enjoy the ability to jump in and have fun right away. These sales numbers illustrate the continued strength of the Nintendo DS family of systems. Already established as the nation’s best-selling video game platform of all time, the installed base of more than 47 million makes it the ideal hand-held for developers to reach a huge gaming-focused target audience.”

The staggering amount of Pokewares that were peddled handily trounces the previous record that had been held by both Pokemon Diamond Version and Pokemon Pearl Version since 2007. Those games’ one-day sales of over 780,000 seem almost small compared to the million-breaking day that the Black Version and White Version managed to have.

It’s very easy to get swept up in big sales numbers for franchises like Call of Duty, Halo and Madden, but it’s important to keep in mind that these games are the shining exceptions and not the rule. Many games are lucky to break a million sold at all, let alone do it one day. For a series that has consistently been aimed primarily at a younger demographic, and exists in a fairly niche gaming space, to not only hang around for over a decade but also to see continued growth is nothing to scoff at. Like it or not, but the house that Pikachu built more than deserves its place alongside gaming’s biggest names.

Will you be joining the hoards of Pokefans and making a Pokemon Black Version or White Version purchase? Do these sales figures surprise you, or are you and all your friends already certified trainers? Are you just as confused as I am about why the Black Version has a white Pokemon on the cover and the White Version has a black Pokemon on the cover?

For those that want to start earning those Pokemon Badges, they can do so by picking up Pokemon Black Version or White Version right now for the Nintendo DS.

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