Poll is Used to Determine Most Wanted Pokémon in 'Black' and 'White'

Pokemon Black and White Rumoured North American Release Date

The Pokémon Company, a Nintendo affiliate who is in charge of marketing for Pokémon, recently held a poll to determine which previous generation Pokémon players want to see in Pokémon: Black and White. The results have a couple surprises and it is interesting to see which Pokémon received the most votes.

In contrast to previous Pokémon games, Black and White do not include any previous generation Pokémon until you beat the game. The Pokémon that wins this poll will be given away at some point to those that own Pokémon Black or White.

Check out the top five most wanted Pokémon, according to the poll, as we count down towards the winner.

#5. Mew

Mew Picture

Mew is a legendary Pokémon created as a last minute prank by a programmer working on Pokémon Red and Blue. Mew quickly became a sensation when players found out how to obtain him through a glitch.

#4. Pikachu

Pikachu Picture

Pikachu is by far the most well known Pokémon and is instantly recognizable to many. If the series had a mascot it would be Pikachu. In fact, it is a little surprising that Pikachu is not higher on the list.

#3. Deoxys

Deoxys Picture

Deoxys, one of the strangest Pokémon Game Freak has created, is the result of an extraterrestrial virus being exposed to laser beams. It appears in four unique forms, each of which alters its appearance and abilities.

#2. Darkrai

Darkrai Picture

Darkrai is unique for being the only Dark-type legendary Pokémon. This ghost-like Pokémon specializes in putting enemies to sleep and is so powerful it is not allowed in standard battling.

#1. Arceus

Arceus Picture

Arceus is the king of all Pokémon and basically their god. It is known as an Alpha Pokémon and is also referred to as, “The Original One”. According to Pokémon lore, it formed the universe with its one thousand arms and then went on to create several Pokémon including the legendary Dialga and Palkia. Yeah, that's pretty deserving of the number one spot!

Since Arceus claimed the number one poll spot, it will be given away to Pokémon Black and White players in Japan sometime in the near future. There is no word as to whether this promotion will extend to North America when Black and White are both released here.

Pokémon Black and White broke sales records in Japan and got a perfect review score from Famitsu, but still doesn’t have an official release date outside of Japan. All we know is that it is coming sometime during the Spring of 2011.

While waiting for Pokémon Black and White to finally get here, read Game Rant’s list of the Top 5 Things We Want in Pokémon Black and White. Also, be sure to check out our fun piece on Pokémon that need to evolve.

What Pokémon would you have voted for? Are you excited for Pokémon Black and White?

Source: Kotaku

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