Rumor Patrol: Pokemon Black & White North American Release Date Leaked

Pokemon Black and White North American Release Date

Pokémon Black and Pokémon White have been dominating Japanese sales charts for months now, but for everyone else in the world it's been a long, cold and bitter wait. Since the game has been available in Japan for so long, some may think that the English versions of the games can't be that far behind.  But there's still quite a wait for North Americans everywhere if a recent "leak" from GameStop is to be believed.

The Pokémon Black & White North release date news comes from a flier that allegedly has the games' release dates right on it. If rumors are to be believed then Pokémon Black and White will be hitting retailers on April 17th, 2011. This hasn't been confirmed by Nintendo and the "flier" has yet to make an appearance online, but that release date doesn't seem too Farfetch'd (Poképuns FTW).

The Big N almost always releases any of their titles on a Sunday, which April 17th just happens to be. On top of that minor coincidence, every handheld Pokémon adventure game has historically always released within March or April. It's become an annual tradition of sorts for Nintendo to do, so Nintendo releasing Pokémon Black and White during this time period in 2011 does make sense. There are however, a few things that just don't add up when it comes to this potential release date.

The biggest reason Nintendo would want to pump out Black and White way sooner would be so they could still profit on the Nintendo DS system before the 3DS finally hits store shelves in what what many believe to be March. The game can still be played on the 3DS of course, but Nintendo is going to want to focus on pushing the 3DS and its line-up as the next best thing - not focus on a last generation handheld game, especially one that's been available for many months in other parts of the world.

Whatever Nintendo has planned for Pokéholics who reside in other countries that aren't Japan should be made clear very soon. Nintendo has a big event set to take place in NYC next month and answers on Pokémon Black and White's mysterious release date will likely be fielded there. In the meantime, this rumored flier will have to tide fans over until Nintendo decides to take the announcement public.

Do you think this rumour is justified? Would you still buy Black and White post 3DS release?

Source: Bulbanews

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