CoroCoro magazine has been wealth of Pokemon information since Pokemon Black and Pokemon White were first announced a little while back, and it would appear that they certainly don’t plan on stopping now. The latest CoroCoro scans have leaked onto the internet and they reveal seven brand-new Pokemon, some new moves, and for the first time ever a female professor.

First we’ll start off with the new Pokemon that you can look forward to catching when you finally get your hands on the game. They look pretty damn crazy compared to the current Pokemon in existence, but here they are in all their Black and White glory.


Chiramii is a normal-type, chinchilla Pokemon that will obviously be filling in as the traditional Pikachu-esque Pokemon that has appeared in every installment of the series to date. It’s abilities include Cute Charm and Technician, and also knows an attack called Sweep Slap that delivers several blows back-to-back. The best part about this Pokemon is easily the tuft of hair on its chest looks like a goatee.


Gear is a new Pokemon that has a pretty bad-ass name. If you couldn’t already guess, it is a steel-type, but it also  has the abilities Plus & Minus. The Pokemon also has a brand new attack called Gear Saucer that hits its opponent several times. These guys look a little odd, but maybe they evolve into something cool… maybe?


Hihidaruma is his name and awkward smiles are his game. He also knows a new ability called Encourage, and this Pokemon is a fire-type if you couldn’t tell from those massive eyebrows — which make him look like the fourth Jonas Brother. Other than that he looks like he has the potential to evolve into something completely awesome and maybe help to give trainers a decent fire option outside of the starter.


Mamepato looks to be Black and White’s Pidgey. It’s a normal/flying-type that can learn one of two abilities: Super Luck and a new ability called Pigeon Heart. Pigeon Heart will allegedly disallow Mamepato’s defense stat to ever fall. That’s not too bad coming from a disease-ridden friendly pigeon.


This adorable little man-eater is called Meguroko and is both a ground-type and a dark-type Pokemon. The abilities of this bad-boy are Intimidate and a new ability called Earthquake Spiral, which will raise this Pokemon‘s attack stat every time it K.O.s another Pokemon. With abilities like that you just know that this sand-crocodile has more bite than bark.


Munna may look like a blob, but after looking at its description it appears to be part of the Drowzee family. It has been classified as a “dream-eater Pokemon”  and is a psychic-type, but also has the abilities Forewarn and Synchronize. Munna knows an attack called Telekinesis that suspends the opponent’s Pokemon in the air. Unfortunately, this Pokemon is far too pink for its own good, and the flowers don’t really help its cool factor either.


Shimama is an electric zebra Pokemon that can learn the abilities Lightning Rod and Motor Drive. The Pokemon also knows a brand new move called Wild Bolt that hurts both the enemy and itself. The slick lightning bolt mane of hair on its head seems to be a constant reminder to why you should never give a zebra hair gel.

So, those are all of the exciting brand new Pokemon that we have to look forward to in Pokemon Black and White. They seem to be mixing up the look a little bit, but I guess that’s what Nintendo is going for. As long as I get my Stantler to evolve into a moose then they can have an amoeba Pokemon for all I care. None of the names that the current Pokemon have are their confirmed English names, so odds are they will each get something a little more pronounceable when they wash up on Western shores.

Dr. Araragi

Corocoro also published a picture of a brand new professor… err doctor — Dr. Araragi that is. The brand new professor-doctor is a female, obviously, which marks an adventurous new first step towards Pokemon gender equality. Just like the start of every Pokemon game to-date the professor appears with a Pokemon beside them, and her Pokemon of choice is Chiramii. My guess is that Dr. Araragi will get a North American name change when she shows up over here, and my guess is that it will be based on some sort of tree, if tradition is any indication.

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